Winter Photoshoot.

I did multiple photoshoots during spring, summer and autumn but I had never done winter. why? well because it is VERY cold and I often travel during the season so..

this year, fellow Singaporean Dennis Abdon came to Seoul so we did a last minute shoot. without much preparation since I was going to sit for another test at that time. hahaha. anyways, here’s the pictures.


IMG_0014 copy

#1. the most girly picture of them all! Continue reading “Winter Photoshoot.”

[Seoul: Yongsan] High Tea @ Sheraton D-cube Hotel Seoul

so not too long ago, I went to Sheraton to try that very unique looking tea set of theirs. since the.. name of the hotel is D-cube, the tea set’s pretty cubical and because it’s December, I get to order the CHRISTMAS SET!!!

I have never actually been high-tea-ing before because I am a cheapskate like that. but.. Sheraton’s prices is pretty reasonable. one glass of drink there would probably cost around 13,000won to 15,000won already but the tea set + the tea’s 17,500won. still pretty expensive I know T_T. but I guess it’s worth the experience!

SAM_3645 copy

when we arrived, the place was already full and we had to wait for a place. and for just 2 of us, they gave us a 6 person seat hahaha. Continue reading “[Seoul: Yongsan] High Tea @ Sheraton D-cube Hotel Seoul”

[Seoul: Sinsa] Remicone

HELLO MY DEAR READERS! I know it have been very long. I am still surviving. just done with my exams and I am here to introduce you a popular ice cream store in Seoul located at the “Paris” of Seoul; Garuso-gil, Sinsa-dong.

turn into the alley next to L’Occitane and you’d eventually find this unique ice cream store called REMICONE.

CIMG3555 copy

and apparently, it’s by no-name. reminds me of spirited away. hahahahaha.

CIMG3557 copy

so when you walk into the store you’d see pretty waitresses dressed in write. Continue reading “[Seoul: Sinsa] Remicone”

FOOD TOUR! by O’ngofood.

maybe it is a little weird that I am actually participating in a tour while actually being here for my 3rd year now.

it isn’t any tour though. it is a FOOD TOUR. wait.. what? does a tour like this even exist?


many people participate in this tour because their friends told them what a blast they had. and I was there to find out!

CIMG3494 copy

so for all the foodies like myself who love going for the local food and also cooking classes to learn how to make authentic Korean dishes! not just Kimchi, but something that’s actually filling. as for myself, I attended the night dining tour =3. I would love to try everything! given if I have time too. T_____T. see how much I am contributing to write all these posts for you people? Continue reading “FOOD TOUR! by O’ngofood.”

[Seoul: Hongdae] Cooking Mate

for those who watch Korean dramas, this Italian restaurant have appeared in an episode of “lets eat” which I really liked because I loveeeeeeeeee eating. as you might’ve already known. teehee.

CIMG8700 copy

located in the middle of Hongdae, near Club Cocoon, this place is super easy to find. very convenient. Continue reading “[Seoul: Hongdae] Cooking Mate”

[Seoul: Sinchon] Famous ONE WHOLE CHICKEN! 공릉 닭한마리

공릉닭한마리 or Gong-reung-dalg-han-mari is said to be one of the yummiest of its kind! located in Sinchon, this famous place is actually pretty secluded and difficult to find. actually, most dalghanmari’s are hahahahaha. no idea why.

Japanese people especially frequents this place a lot and it was my Japanese friend whom had introduced me to all the famous Dalghanmari restaurants.

CIMG8752 copy

but don’t worry because I’ve got you covered. I’ll provide you directions on how to get to gong-reung-dalghanmari. it is actually located in the middle of Sinchon and Edae but let me tell you how to get there from Sinchon instead since it’s nearer! Continue reading “[Seoul: Sinchon] Famous ONE WHOLE CHICKEN! 공릉 닭한마리”

[Seoul: Sangsu/Hongdae] Gusto Taco VS. Vatos

travelling in Korea but is sick of Korean food already? or have you been here too long that you’d like something else?

well, how does Mexican taco’s sound like to you?

recommended by Koreans who had lived in Latin America themselves, Gusto Taco is as close as it can get to the original ones in Mexico.

CIMG9070 copy

located near Sangsu Station exit 1, this place isn’t difficult to find at all. just walk straight amongst the row of cafe’s and restaurants and you’ll definitely see it! Continue reading “[Seoul: Sangsu/Hongdae] Gusto Taco VS. Vatos”

[Seoul: Gwanghwamun] Korea’s FIFA WORLD CUP!

I thought to myself, the world cup only occurs once in 4 years. that means it will only happen once in my 5 years studies in Seoul. I CAN’T miss out this chance of going to the world cup cheer. already knowing how much Koreans are huge nationalists, I was still amazed by how united and enthusiastic they are when it comes to their country. it is really not like Asians are known for football, but even so, they have high hopes that they’d win and everybody gathers to cheer for their country at 4am in the morning. I went there at 130 and it was already super packed.

CIMG0156 copy

apparently many people went there at 1030 to get a good spot. it was raining at that time! thank goodness for me because it did not rain after I went there. Continue reading “[Seoul: Gwanghwamun] Korea’s FIFA WORLD CUP!”

[Seoul: Hyehwa] Hakrim Coffee : Popular Drama Cafe

watched “you who came from the stars?” or 별에서 온 그대? the famous drama had definitely brought a lot of new customers to this cafe despite appearing in several dramas before. and because of its old history, this cafe was chosen to be the meet up point of “Do Minjun” and his old friend.

CIMG9613 copy

so back to Hakrim Coffee, this cafe was founded in the 1960s and has been around for a longgg time. not sure if the publicity is good or not but this already popular among old folks cafe is now swarmed by young tourists especially from Asia. so do expect to wait if you’re here during peak hours. Continue reading “[Seoul: Hyehwa] Hakrim Coffee : Popular Drama Cafe”