Okay, so out of the long list of restaurant recommended by Mark Weins and some other blogs, I’ve filtered it down to a few that looks absolutely legit. but… to my disappointment, some was far from what I was expecting. like Thai food that’s even worse than what I can get in HK and Malaysia. maybe even Korea. well either the vlogger/blogger doesn’t have too high standards on food, or the restaurants dropped in quality. or perhaps it’s just me. I’ve written dedicated posts for those which I think is absolutely worth a try, but to save your time and to remind myself not to go there in the future, here’s 3 restaurants which I felt had absolutely wasted my belly space/the detour for.

1. Jeh O Chula
honestly I didn’t even think it was worth a visit. they are using the MAMA thick tomyum soup noodles which was already good, added some meat and seafood, made it look insta-able and now you need to wait at least 45mins for it. absolutely NOT worth it. I didn’t think it was good at all, and in fact, the soup had a strong burnt taste to it. even my cousin who went after a few months said the same thing. my Thai friends never understand the rave for this very overrated restaurant.


as you can see, it does look amazing in pictures. but I really don’t recommend it unless there’s less than a 5 minute line.

2. Laab Ubon
Saw this as one of the recommended restaurants on Mark Weins’ website. but goodness, their fish was overly soft, papaya salad was bland — no kick to it at all and well other dishes were also just meh. I wouldn’t say that it’s like absolutely inedible, but it’s more like.. there’s no reason to come here if you’re on a trip. I tried my best to like this place but nope. don’t waste your time.


3. Banglamphu Tom Yum Goong
This place is actually not bad. It is worth a try if you’re in BKK for a some time. I wouldn’t say it’s the best tomyum ever. nor is it even in my top 5 list. my Thai friends brought me to some random store and their tomyum tasted much better. hence why I really don’t think this place is any special. if you’re round the corner, by all means do try it. but don’t take a full trip just to have this because it’s absolutely not the best.


I also had the glass noodles here. no kick to it but tastes pretty good.


Hopefully this helps you not waste your precious holiday time and give you some insight on what’s on the internet. maybe even including mine. but you know you can trust me :)!

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