#1 Why did you choose to study in Korea?

I came here because I’ve always liked Korea since I saw it on Autumn in my Heart 가을연가 and fell instantly in love with Autumn. I was 8 and I barely even knew Autumn exists since I live in a tropical country. the other reason was also because Korea somewhat tickled my artsy self and I love how people here pay so much attention to design and appearance. also, I was very curious about the Korean culture since you can say I grew up with Koreans but I had never really understood them fully. NO I am not into KPOP (normally) but YES I love Korean music.  I usually prefer slow songs and K indie (Korean independents). and before you decide on studying in Korea, read these posts so you can come prepared =) : one, two.

#2 How do you enroll in Korea? Can you help me?

believe me. I was in the same situation as you and I went around asking for information. but thank goodness I asked a close friend of mine. but NO, I can’t help you. and asking me, a complete stranger to help you, it is not quite right, no? I asked for help but I ended up doing (almost) everything myself. it is really different here. every uni is different and Korean univs are pretty fickle about what they require. sometimes they require this, sometimes they require that. so CALL the embassy regarding visa issues and EMAIL the university you want to get in about documents and payments.

#3 Can you help me ___________?

I would gladly answer to your questions if they are not already stated on any of the easily accessed posts. but I am not paid to do anything for you. so don’t ask me questions in such a manner that it is as if I work for KTO (Korea Tourism Org.) also, head on to my travel page or Korea page and read first before asking questions related to your itinerary or certain places? if you do not have time to go through the lists which I organized, then do you think I have time to answer every email in detail? you may request a post. and please don’t ask me questions which require me to spend more than 10 minutes answering nor ask me to CALL somewhere for you. simple questions are fine! =D.

I get many email’s asking me to recommend places to go for a short trip etc. but it is really up to you on what you prefer. what’s fun for me might not be fun for you =). but here’s some help from me on your Seoul Itinerary.

#4 Can you show me around in HK?

general answer: no. but depends!

#5 Why are you in HK even though you studied in Korea?

better job opportunity and exposure to the Financial industry which I’m passionate about. sometimes life is unpredictable, and you got to embrace it.

#6 How tall are you?

I am 169cm/around 5 feet 7

 #7 Can I meet you if I go to HK?

yes you may! but really depends on my schedule!

#8 Thank you for writing! (not exactly a FAQ haha)

leave me comments! they make me happy!

#9 I would like to contact you personally. Can I have your phone number?

NO. I have been stalked and annoyed by weird people who love me and people who hate me before. and it was a really scary experience.

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7 years ago

I started googling “Clubbing in Seoul” and dress codes in South Korea since my girlfriends and I will be visiting in July this year, and I stumbled upon your blog! Just felt like I needed to leave a message thanking you for this blog. I honestly found it to be sooooo helpful and detailed.

There was just a few questions I wanted to ask you.

I know SK is sort of conservative when it comes to clothing compared to USA…I have a pretty big attention grabbing tattoo on by upper back (just a mandala but it’s pretty big). I’ve read on different blogs that wearing short shorts isn’t a problem, but wearing tanks/baring your shoulders, showing your cleavage/having tattoos would be. July is pretty hot and humid in Asia so I wanted to pack lots of dress (most of them spaghetti strapped, literally these dresses http://oldnavy.gap.com/browse/product.do?cid=1011146&vid=1&pid=495246082) would this be a problem? Would they see me as a thug? I can always wear a cardigan, I guess.

I was also wondering if you still go clubbing? I just wanted to know the clubbing attire. Is it okay to show skin? My friends and I are more into American Hip-hop, so I was thinking of EDM concert outfits (i.e sneakers, high waisted shorts, and a crop top). I remember your clubbing post saying NO sandals/opened toed shoes…that’s so crazy! In NYC, unless it’s at a concert, you HAVE to wear pumps, and it’s usually sandal pumps.

Welp, that’s all the questions I have for tonight. Thank you again!