[China: Fujian] Tulou of Yong Ding

everybody should at least know the existence of this place. although not as “prideful” as the great wall of China, but it is already now under the world heritage record. MANY MANY many years ago.. the hakka people from.. somewhere near Guang Zhou? was being chased due to some racial thingy. so, they ran and ran and ran, and set foot in Yong Ding. and mind you, even by car it takes more than 8 hours. so how far you think they ran?

there are around 20,000 tulous around but mostly abandoned or ripped off already. it is a very very very big “house” for a huge family. sometimes the tulou is so big that some people don’t know each other in the house. most big tulous have approximately 80 families, a family a room, and on the ground floor, it’s usually for the kitchen, cages and so on. you don’t want to know about the toilet.

okay so lets begin with my pictures.

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