[Seoul: Gwanghwamun] Korea’s FIFA WORLD CUP!

I thought to myself, the world cup only occurs once in 4 years. that means it will only happen once in my 5 years studies in Seoul. I CAN’T miss out this chance of going to the world cup cheer. already knowing how much Koreans are huge nationalists, I was still amazed by how united and enthusiastic they are when it comes to their country. it is really not like Asians are known for football, but even so, they have high hopes that they’d win and everybody gathers to cheer for their country at 4am in the morning. I went there at 130 and it was already super packed.

CIMG0156 copy

apparently many people went there at 1030 to get a good spot. it was raining at that time! thank goodness for me because it did not rain after I went there. Continue reading “[Seoul: Gwanghwamun] Korea’s FIFA WORLD CUP!”

August: Food, Bukchon, Food, M.Net.

my title pretty much sums up my whole post for today. since I am having my exams soon so I have not been going out T_T. hence I will need to blog about stuff that are way overdue where I’ve been saving them as fillers anyway. =D. on August, my best friend, Megumi came to visit! I was so glad because we hadn’t met since March when we graduated T_T. she left right after our graduation ceremony le sigh.

IMG_3873 copy

we went for Japanese food after a few rounds of Korean food. the silliest thing is that Megumi insisted on going for Fukuoka food when she’s from Fukuoka! because I love the restaurant and she wanted to have Japanese food with me since we’ve never had it together before. but she said it’s good even for a Fukuokan standard so no regrets haha. Continue reading “August: Food, Bukchon, Food, M.Net.”

Akaraka 2013

So I am 1 month late.

but it’s better late than never hahaha. even though I am not studying in Yonsei anymore, I still love all Yonsei events. and my favourite? Akaraka. if you’ve read my post last year, you would probably know how fun it is already. this year is no exception. but I still preferred last year. not sure if it was because they had students from Korea University and we sang songs to diss them. this year was.. all new freshmens and usual with a new lousy song which I didn’t like.
IMG_2972 copy

this year’s title : My Name Is Yonsei. Continue reading “Akaraka 2013”

My 21st Birthday!

or 22 in Korean age.

finally I can enter Zouk without worrying if they’ll check my IC. oh well, not like I will be able to go to Zouk anytime soon. at least now I can go to the Casino too. basically everywhere in Malaysia. I heard there are bars which only people over age of 30 could enter in Japan and there are clubs in Korea which doesn’t allow people over 30 hahaha.

but seriously, shit I feel so old T______T. I don’t exactly feel like I am 21 yet. I am still such a kiddo. super childish =S.

on my birthday, it’s actually the “chukje/festival” week for my school so nobody was free. like NOBODY. but thank goodness I had Kenji to spend it with =3.

IMG_2639 copy Continue reading “My 21st Birthday!”

Seoul International Fireworks Festival

the annual fireworks festival was held on 6th of October this year. and was for a good long 1 hour something. there were breaks in between each set from various countries though.

IMG_5740 copy

the best place to view it? the Hangang park in front of 63 building. you pretty much get off at Yeoinara station but we took the bus there instead. it starts at 7 something. Continue reading “Seoul International Fireworks Festival”

SBS Inkigayo! SBS 인기가요!


I was lucky enough to get my tickets for Inkigayo (famous for being super difficult to get. but because this time they give priority to tourists that’s why I got it.) thanks to KTO (Korea Tourism Organization). lucky I applied from 2 different sites at least I got one U_U. it starts at 3something but I was there since 1pm. and to my surprise, I live only 10 minutes away from the CJ Entertainment and SBS building by bus.

IMG_9387 copy

they are really systematic. you gotta even line up according to your ticket number. Continue reading “SBS Inkigayo! SBS 인기가요!”

Nuffnang is 5!

exactly today’s Nuffnang’s 5th Birthday! so, HAPPY BIRTHDAY NUFFNANG!

Timothy shared his story about how Nuffnang’s Birthday Date came about. it’s actually on 2am on the 27th of February. because apparently Ming (another Co-Founder) is supersticious and went to the Feng Shui Master and that guy said they must set up their Business in between 2-4am on that date to succeed in their business. seems like the Feng Shui Master did his part, because Nuffnang have 1,000,000 bloggers registered under them today!

IMG_5978 copy

this time, the event is hosted at Neverland, it’s quite a pretty club actually, located right behind Borneo Baruk Club (behind Pavilion). never been there before but for events I must say the place is close to perfect. awesome stage! Continue reading “Nuffnang is 5!”

Doraemon World 2012 @ Genting!

HI ALL!!!! I just returned from my 3 days trip in Genting. and one of the things I would like to share (and have never thought of. since I didn’t bring my DSLR) about is the DORAEMON EVENT!!! I read Doraemon SOMETIMES. but my sister is the BIGGEST FAN ON EARTH. she went into the Doraemon gallery and started to explain what is for what. like a walking encyclopedia.

DSC01303 copy

it costs RM35 and runs from 10am-10pm. the thing is, it’s quite expensive. but in return, you get a LIMITED EDITION TOUCH AND GO!!! with RM5 innit. Continue reading “Doraemon World 2012 @ Genting!”