Winter Photoshoot.

I did multiple photoshoots during spring, summer and autumn but I had never done winter. why? well because it is VERY cold and I often travel during the season so..

this year, fellow Singaporean Dennis Abdon came to Seoul so we did a last minute shoot. without much preparation since I was going to sit for another test at that time. hahaha. anyways, here’s the pictures.


IMG_0014 copy

#1. the most girly picture of them all! Continue reading “Winter Photoshoot.”

Cherry Blossom Sights! SKKU, Everland, and Seoul Land

okay, the truth is my Uni isn’t exactly the prettiest place to view Cherry Blossoms. Sungkyunkwan University is basically.. not such a bad sight for cherry blossoms but the best would still be Kyunghee University. which I’ve never been because their European style buildings goes really well with the pretty flowers. but really, I felt that SKKU isn’t all that bad for cherry blossoms ^^.

CIMG8980 copy

gotta start my post with a selca. teehee. Continue reading “Cherry Blossom Sights! SKKU, Everland, and Seoul Land”

Sungkyunkwan University During Autumn.

to be honest, it is quite embarrassing to be a tourist in your own school where chances of bumping into a friend is so much higher than anywhere else.

but I put on a thick face and did it anyway. thank goodness for the smaller camera or else people would stare more if I were to pull out my gun-like DSLR.

CIMG2846 copy

look at how pretty my school is right now! my school isn’t the prettiest schools around but currently Yonsei is under construction so only a few parts of it remains pretty. I would say Kyunghee and Korea University would be the prettiest (and they are both so near my uni!) but I am too lazy (no time pfft) to go to any =S. I am even lazy to stroll around my school compound. but today, I finished my quizzes and thought I should take a good walk around while waiting for Wai Kit for our lunch date which was an hour and a half away. and I pretty much got carried away. Continue reading “Sungkyunkwan University During Autumn.”

Veritas – 1

like Yonsei and Korea University’s YonGoJeon, or GoYonJeon, we had our own Veritas-1 where Sungkyunkwan, Hanyang and Sogang battles among each other. except ours are much more of a smaller scale since it is our first time and also only the business school took part in it.

this took part some where in May during the Buddha’s Birthday. hence why I missed most of it (I went to the temple!) and got there just in time to see the performances. well, I paid for it so I might as well just go see their concert =D.

IMG_3389 copy

first up, we had 10cm! I am a BIG fan of 10cm. they sang “Americano” by the way, which was a real hit in Korea. always being compared to Busker Busker, these folks were always quite sensitive when they hear about Busker Busker hahaha. it was my 2nd time seeing them as I saw them once (VERY NEAR!!!) for the Media Faculty’s graduation concert. =D. Continue reading “Veritas – 1”


MT stands for Membership Training. don’t know why but oh well. we get “trained” to drink here, to cut things short.

IMG_1831 copy

most MT’s are held at 대성리 Daeseongri. be it people from Yonsei, SNU, Korea U, Sogang, they alllllll come here. the staple place for all Korean MT’s. located near Chuncheon. the rent of a “hall” for a night would cost around 300k I heard. for a place so secluded and without much facilities, heck that’s expensive! Continue reading “MT!”

[Seoul: Sungkyunkwan] Cherry Blossoms

Spring is finally here and so are exams. Korea have this thing against students being able to go out during the peak of both spring and autumn. it’s simply just atrocious. how can they do that to me pfft. but as you can see, nothing can exactly stop me from admiring these pretty spring buds. except I didn’t have any time to go to Yoeuido this time. not that I enjoyed it the last time actually. I thought it was too crowded and the only 1 sided cherry blossoms were mehhh. but I found another destination which is called Ansan near where I’m staying but again, NOT ENOUGH TIME! I will go there this weekend despite having tonnes of homework (during exam week. I know right?) RAWR! here’s a korean blog with the pictures of Ansan :

so how was it? enjoyed it? well I doubt this year would be this nice because of the weird weather T_T. it is hot and cold. sigh. so cherry blossoms bloom at like complete different times. it’s supposed to well, bloom last week around Friday. if I go this weekend it would probably be bald T_T. sigh. I will just give it a shot anyway since it is known that in Ansan, cherry blossoms bloom late. I actually went there about 10 days ago and they were just budding =S.

anyway back to topic, here’s some spring/cherry blossom pictures taken at my school! =D.

IMG_2099 copy

welcome to ahem the BUSINESS SCHOOL! business buildings are always the prettiest =3. well mainly because they get the most funding. =D. Continue reading “[Seoul: Sungkyunkwan] Cherry Blossoms”

Opening Party

I am finally done with my exams in Yonsei University and am looking forward to graduate this coming Friday! it’s quite saddening because I am probably the only few who won’t be wearing a Hanbok (traditional Korean costume. which my mom hates. she thinks it makes all girls look fat lol.) because I will have to get to Sungkyunkwan for a lecture right after and wearing a long heavy dress or bringing it around isn’t an easy task. besides, renting it costs about RM450 and since I have classes the whole day that day, I will be spending RM450 for 1 hour. just to look good. totally not worth it T_T. I know I will have more chances in wearing it next time =/.

I thought, “okay, I am finally a little bit more free to do whatever I want and stuff but I was wrong. I need to study like a dog because I have to attend MT (stands for membership training. but it’s actually a trip to a pension where you drink, drink and drink with your course mates until you get totally wasted. korean’s way of getting closer to each other. no joke.). thanks to that, I have to finish all my due-on-Monday homework and get done watching my online lectures which are relatively hard. I “only” have one long essay and a summary to do but the online lectures and the homework due this week are the pain in the arse. sigh. happy cramming to me?

back to topic, the week before last week was what we call the “kaepa” which stands for 캐강파피 (kae-gang-pa-ti) which means the party for the starting of the semester. but I’ll just call it opening party anyways. the last time we went drinking as a class was on the Orientation Day, but I had exams the following day and left early. so this time I was prepared to drink more as I was still a phail in games but surprisingly, did not end up drunk (반 친구들, 이걸 읽으면 나를 막 마시게 하지마세요 ㅠㅠ.).

IMG_1618 copy

the thing I like about Sungkyunkwan is we are actually studying in a historical place itself. well, not that we are using the old buildings and all, but you can say we are right next to them? and we can go in anytime we want. plus, the walls surrounding our school are those korean old-school walls. which made it even more awesome! Continue reading “Opening Party”