for more inquiries, you can drop me an e-mail at =).


if you would like a rather casual way of communication. you can also message me on facebook.
however, I will not add anybody I do not know on my personal account. but I’ll respond to any appropriate messages. ^^.

PS : please note that I do not earn money for answering your questions so I hope that you would be more courteous (I get messages where I felt like I felt literally like an information center with no proper thank you) and also not be too much (eg: asking me to book hotels/plan your itinerary/ translating website materials) as I do not know you and I am not exactly very free. to help you, here are some quick links to questions I get all the time:

  1. Posts on Korea
  2. Seoul Itinerary
  3. Why studying in Korea is tough [one | two]
  4. Posts on Japan
  5. Best Sushi in Tsukiji

PSS : I get an extra amount of e-mails regarding about studying in Korea. please head over to my FAQ!

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