[Seoul: Hyehwa] Hakrim Coffee : Popular Drama Cafe

watched “you who came from the stars?” or 별에서 온 그대? the famous drama had definitely brought a lot of new customers to this cafe despite appearing in several dramas before. and because of its old history, this cafe was chosen to be the meet up point of “Do Minjun” and his old friend.

CIMG9613 copy

so back to Hakrim Coffee, this cafe was founded in the 1960s and has been around for a longgg time. not sure if the publicity is good or not but this already popular among old folks cafe is now swarmed by young tourists especially from Asia. so do expect to wait if you’re here during peak hours. Continue reading “[Seoul: Hyehwa] Hakrim Coffee : Popular Drama Cafe”

[Cheongju] 청주, visiting the filming set of Baker King Kim Tak Goo and Man of Honour!

I am not sure if I should say that I am lazy to split the post into a few parts or I am too hardworking that I’ll blog one whole long post. but I consider myself lazy so here goes. I went to Cheongju to see my best friend, Peter, who came out from the army for holidays. his family lives in Cheongju and hence I had to take a bus down to Cheongju. it takes around 90minutes to arrive and costs 8,000won from Dong-Seoul station. I went to Cheongju twice in a week actually. but I will blog about my first part as I did not take too many pictures the 2nd time.

IMAG4600 copy

putting my size 5.5 (235) feet beside my size 13 friend’s shoe. MADNESS. I felt like a kid. Continue reading “[Cheongju] 청주, visiting the filming set of Baker King Kim Tak Goo and Man of Honour!”