[Seoul: Busan] Madame Tussauds Busan

because my parents weren’t too into waxed figures when we were in HK so she told me “you will definitely come back here with your friends and you can visit it then”. but instead of HK, I came to the one in Busan. there’s one in Jeju too I think.

IMG_4767 copy

it just opened not too long ago when I went so I went in with a discounted price! Continue reading “[Seoul: Busan] Madame Tussauds Busan”

[Busan] Taejongdae!

if you ask me which is a place you should not miss in Busan, I would 100% recommend Taejongdae (unless it rains for your whole trip then sucks to be you. =P.)

IMG_4484 copy

to come here, you must.. take the bus. it isn’t that hard. you can take a bus straight from Busan Station. I forgot the number of the bus but it is written at the Bus Station just remember to have your T-Money filled before you get to Busan (because T-Money is usable there, just a little harder to find place to recharge it.) Busan have their own railway so they have their own T-Money alike thingy there too. if you buy that on the spot there then yes you may recharge your pass whenever you want. Continue reading “[Busan] Taejongdae!”

[Busan] Jagalchi Market

finally, my post for this famous market in Busan. it’s open air, very neat and there are a lot of restaurants. lesser foreigners than expected but a lot of old people pushing everyone around while dragging their trolleys around.

IMG_4338 copy

this is right behind the Market, the Busan view from here was magnificent. I love how the houses are so close to each other all over the mountain. =3. Continue reading “[Busan] Jagalchi Market”

[Busan] Songdo 부산 성도해수욕장

when you ask anybody who had been to Busan (and they will say they loved it) about where to go, the first few places they will recommend are Haeundae or Gwangalli (which I love tooooo.) but they always neglect the smaller, least popular beach. but of course, because it is least popular, that’s why you should come here. and it is Songdo.

Songdo’s Beach is listed as one of the tourist spots but because you can only reach this place by a bus or taxi, many foreigners chose to avoid the trouble and just go to the huge popular beaches.

IMG_4994 copy

my first glimpse of Songdo. it was a very sunny day. got much tanner because it was so awesome here I was under the sun for an hour without sunblock. and there are whales and other sculptures put right in the middle of the sea which makes it cooler! Continue reading “[Busan] Songdo 부산 성도해수욕장”

[Busan] pork soup rice 돼지국밥 (dweji kuk bab)

have been thinking for a while for the title but I ended up with this embarrassing title which is the direct translation of the Korean name. it’s basically pork with rice in soup.

IMG_4894 copy

it’s a famous Busan delicacy but I have no idea why this 24 hour shop is named as Gyeongju Kuk Bab ( Gyeongju’s rice in soup) Continue reading “[Busan] pork soup rice 돼지국밥 (dweji kuk bab)”

[Busan] Weird Food @ Jagalchi Market

I am very crazy when it comes to food. other than bugs, monkeys and dogs (or any kind of pet or endangered animals like whale or tigers pfft) , I pretty much eat everything. since I ate Sannakji (raw octopus) and definitely don’t mind eating something as disgusting as fermented raw fishes =D.

IMG_4377 copy

I’d blog about Jagalchi Market in a separate blog post, but just so you know, Jagalchi Market is at Nampo-dong as well, right opposite PIFF. and so my adventure on searching for disgusting weird food started. and we thought it wasn’t that weird until we asked what it was. because from the looks of it, it just look like some pig’s stomach thingy. which later when we ate it, it did not taste anything like it. Continue reading “[Busan] Weird Food @ Jagalchi Market”

[Busan] Nampo-dong’s Eatery Alley / Meokja Golmok 남포동 먹자골목

it literally translates to “let’s eat alley”.

there are basically only a few types of food there in a row sold by ajumma’s (do not call them ajumma’s. it’s rude. called them imo). not very difficult to find, it’s right opposite the PIFF (something  like the Arena of Stars in HK) road. basically an alley connecting to the Gwangbok-ro Shopping Street (Busan’s Myeongdong, even better.)

IMG_4261 copy

it’s in between Coffee Bean and a drug store, so yeah, very easy to find! Continue reading “[Busan] Nampo-dong’s Eatery Alley / Meokja Golmok 남포동 먹자골목”

[Busan] in love with Busan.

IMG_4601 copy copy

ignore my Mr Bean “if you know what I mean” meme face. BUSAN IS ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL. if only I knew it was this pretty I should’ve went there on the hottest day of Summer. but even so, I am at least 3 shades tanner now T_T. there are so much more to come and I can’t wait to tell you more about Busan. as for now I shall get to bed. GOODNIGHT!

PS : that was in Taejongdae