[Osaka: Tenma] Hidden Osaka

I’ve always preferred Osaka over Tokyo as the food, people and environment here’s much better. it is just a personal preference but I feel much more relaxed here and.. a new Malaysian friend I met in Osaka brought me to a place which gave me even more reasons to love Osaka. and it is.. Tenma. it seems like a really run-down place and all but truth is, everything here’s really cool and hipster. stand up bars, cheap sushi places, ramen shops, wine bars, whiskey bars, beer places etc.

IMG_5529 copy

so for this time, we settled down at this restaurant popular for fresh delicious sushi for… Continue reading “[Osaka: Tenma] Hidden Osaka”

[Osaka: Abeno Harukas] Osaka Night View?

night views don’t really interest me but the night view in Japanese cities are just.. breath taking. and they are so beautiful, I highly recommend them. first, there was the Umeda Sky Building which had amazing architecture and also an amazing view. but I found an alternative. the Abeno Harukas. at 60 floors, Abeno Harukas is also 20 stories taller than Umeda Sky Building.

CIMG6499 copy

it was so high up I couldn’t catch everything in frame! Continue reading “[Osaka: Abeno Harukas] Osaka Night View?”

[Osaka: Tenjinbashi] Owl Cafe

if you’re a bird person then you should have heard about how Japan’s taken over by these owl cafes. not only is owning an owl (very very expensive pet) becoming a trend, stores don’t just sell owls anymore but they are earning by letting you pet very softly on their owls and shower them with human love!

CIMG4655 copy

there are quite a number of these owl cafe’s but I decided to go to the one with the MOST owls! although it’s located literally at nowhere, we were practically their last customer of their day. since it was raining cats and dogs that day, it wasn’t so full. I’ve read reviews how you have to come here and put yourself on a list (they don’t accept over the phone bookings) a few hours before you actually get a place since they limit like.. 6 or 8(?) couples of 2 in only. Continue reading “[Osaka: Tenjinbashi] Owl Cafe”

[USJ] why you should spend Halloween in Japan.

so for Halloween this year, I fortunately followed my friends to Universal Studios Japan and I am glad I spent my Halloween in Japan. I was never too interested in going clubbing dressing like a zombie or vampire or something but this time, I have to say, I REALLY enjoyed myself.

CIMG4250 copy

so on the way to USJ, I ran into IRONMAN! and Pepper. his arm and leg gear was so good he deserves a trophy really. and the girl’s hair was so…….. glam. I am pretty sure she dyed her hair for this special occasion! Continue reading “[USJ] why you should spend Halloween in Japan.”

[Osaka: Shinsekai] Kushikatsu Daruma, an Osakan specialty.

there are a lot to eat in Osaka, and I wouldn’t lie about it. but other than the normal Okonomiyaki and Takoyaki which could easily be found worldwide, let me introduce you to Kushi-katsu, a stick of almost anything deep fried. and it is not easy to find anywhere outside of Japan.

IMG_7547 copy

Kushikatsu can be found in many places in Japan but the famous (with chain restaurants!) one is kushikatsu Daruma. it is easy to spot. just look for an angry looking cartoon character outside the store! Continue reading “[Osaka: Shinsekai] Kushikatsu Daruma, an Osakan specialty.”

[Osaka] Dotonbori

what’s coming to Osaka without visiting Dotonbori? since where I was living was pretty near, Dotonbori’s now my favourite spot despite the crazy amount of tourists and sky-high food prices. but I am sure those of you on budget are smart enough to dodge the tourist traps and hunt down for the cheaper ones.

IMG_5026 copy

the famous street of Dotonbori. with the huge crab. there’s two huge crabs by the way. this one’s just more central and and attractive. there’s also a humungous REAL crab inside which is the hugest king crab I’ve ever seen in my life. just pop inside and take a picture. I had a picture with it but my face was awful so.. Continue reading “[Osaka] Dotonbori”

[Osaka] Osaka Castle & Osaka Station

A LONGGG walk to the castle. but it was beautiful. and the crepe shop outside sells amazingly delicious cheese & blueberry crepe. try it! as for the castle, if you can fit it in your itinerary, why not? it’s beautiful and iconic. not really just a tourist trap since it IS really beautiful. like WOW AMAZING beautiful.

CIMG4730 copy

caught an airplane in my shot! the walls of the castle and water surrounding it. Continue reading “[Osaka] Osaka Castle & Osaka Station”

[Osaka: Namba] MOULiN

how ironic. I told myself to devour all the Korean food since I wouldn’t be back in Korea in 2 months, but there I was, drinking Kirin. (and I also had CHINESE food for my last dinner in Korea) with a frozen poop on top. =D. yummay.

CIMG0208 copy

met up with David but that good looking American Korean friend of mine refused to let me take a picture of him so one less eye candy for you. had the Kirin beer at a place called Bee located at Itaewon if you’re wondering. great interior and ambiance by the way. Continue reading “[Osaka: Namba] MOULiN”

Kyoto and Osaka in a day

I am back here in Kyoto. again.

after 4 months. right after midterms. but the only thing was, I had REALLY LIMITED TIME. so this was what I did for a day! it might even be a good reference on where to go from AM to PM =D. I returned to Osaka since I stayed there at around 6pm though =D.

IMG_7022 copy

ahhh. the streets of Gion. I actually like shopping here compared to other places because the OPA and some other malls here were actually pretty good! Continue reading “Kyoto and Osaka in a day”