so not too long ago, I went to Sheraton to try that very unique looking tea set of theirs. since the.. name of the hotel is D-cube, the tea set’s pretty cubical and because it’s December, I get to order the CHRISTMAS SET!!!

I have never actually been high-tea-ing before because I am a cheapskate like that. but.. Sheraton’s prices is pretty reasonable. one glass of drink there would probably cost around 13,000won to 15,000won already but the tea set + the tea’s 17,500won. still pretty expensive I know T_T. but I guess it’s worth the experience!

SAM_3645 copy

when we arrived, the place was already full and we had to wait for a place. and for just 2 of us, they gave us a 6 person seat hahaha.

SAM_3651 copy

next to this view. not the most attractive view since Sheraton is at Sindorim. weird. but still a view!

CIMG5340 copy

some students went there all by themselves devouring the tea set while enjoying the view/ doing their assignments. ahhaha. but that’s how the window seat looked like.

CIMG5342 copy

hello! =D.

SAM_3653 copy

we were given a choice of tea, coffee or tea cocktails to choose from. wait what? tea cocktail?

tea cocktail please!!!

it turned out to be yummy and the flower in it is edible @@. tastes like.. paper though. well maybe not since I felt it tasteless.

SAM_3649 copy copy

using TJ’s awesome camera to selca. good quality, beautifies your skin yet so compact!!!

SAM_3650 copy

T_T. TJ, my HK/UK friend whom has been here for a few years is finally leaving =(. now who am I supposed to speak Cantonese to?!

IMG_0614 copy

and Sheraton Hotel’s Christmas tea set!!!

IMG_0612 copy

another view. super pretty no?

but since it’s my first (I think. I might’ve had it very long ago when I was younger and not remember hahaha) time, I’ll talk a little bit more in detail about it.

SAM_3666 copy

so according to TJ, the one who grew up UK where high tea is absolutely normal, you should eat it from the bottom to up. or, from salty to sweet. or very sweet. haha. at the bottom most, we have a…bread with ham and berries D=. weird combination but it was actually pretty good.

SAM_3665 copy

then something that to me, taste like a raisin scone.

SAM_3664 copy

I haven’t had too many macarons in my life. but this was definitely one of the best. highly recommended. who would’ve guessed that the filling is actually salty?! it’s blue cheese macaron! a little pungent but absolutely delectable!

SAM_3663 copy

this was the worse of them all. I think it’s.. grapefruit jelly. but the combination wasn’t good. at all =S.

SAM_3662 copy

I LOVED the creme brulee. it’s very creamy and I think there’s blue cheese in it too!

SAM_3661 copy

and the top deck there’s this… super sweet but delicious white chocolate ball I had troubles figuring how to eat.

CIMG5382 copy

so you crack it open and there are more treats! JELLY BEANS!!!

IMG_0618 copy

quaint and yummy cake pieces.

CIMG5379 copy

Merry (early) Christmas!

IMG_0617 copy

this was amongst the bottom part. that’s dried baby squid on.. squid crackers and that salmon with yuja was absolutely delicious D=.

IMG_0620 copy

it isn’t a lot so one set per person will be just nice!

IMG_0624 copy

잘 먹겠습니다! jal meokggesseumnida!!!

overall taste was… 7/10. it wasn’t phenomenal or anything but because it looked so attractive and pretty. and some of it WAS really pretty good. I’d say, go give it a try if you have excess time to spare!

*I’m really lazy to put on watermarks on this post. having exams soon so.. no post till 17th probably. sorry T_T. not sure when to be honest.. but I shall fight for my exam! picture courtesy of TJ Lau.

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