[Seoul: Sinsa] Whoo Spa Review


last week, I was invited by eastasy.com to do a review on the Japanese-dominant spa: Whoo Spa, which is formerly known as OHui Spa. this spa is known to be popular even amongst celebrities and it uses only the finest Korean products available in the market! if you’re planning a relaxing trip to Seoul, why not consider getting yourself a pampering session at a local spa?

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my hair dye secret : mise en scene hair dye.

If you know me personally you would know that I have ALWAYS had long hair and I am incredulously lazy when it comes to taking care of my hair. with waist length hair, I don’t even use the conditioner on a regular basis. nor do I comb my hair HAHAHAH. but thank goodness for this hair dye which saves my hair every time I dye it.



the hair dye saved my hair. you’ve read it right!

so mise en scene’s hairdye is so magical it makes your disgusting tangled hair healthy after dye. it sounds too good to be true? well, it is. I have been recommending my friends who visited Korea to buy this hair dye and people whom are poor like me but wants to dye their long long hair, this is the (WAYYY) cheaper alternative. living in Seoul for the 3rd year now, I’ve tried dozens of hair dyes since I dye my hair almost once a month but I try to reduce it to once every 2 months now. and slowly 3. pfft.

anyways, I had always had a hard time trying to dye my hair back in Malaysia because my hair was so thick but Mise en scene dyes it just like that! plus they have some kind of oil mixture to put into your dye which makes your hair silky and nice after dyeing. it might as well be very strong chemicals but if it made my hair feel better, I guess I’m psychologically convinced that it is the healthiest hair dye among all!

vanilla gold copy

Vanilla Gold. the lightest colour. it isn’t blonde like the picture on the box but it’s pretty light. Continue reading “my hair dye secret : mise en scene hair dye.”

yummy way to lose weight.

there are just so many ways to lose weight in South Korea. but the thing is are you disciplined enough. well me, I am not. but because of the increasing number of lazy fat girls like me, they came out with the best way. you do not need to eat less nor skip meals. all you need to do is replace your meals with Ottugi’s Cup Noodle.

IMAG6894 copy

why? because it is only contains 120kcal! I am not being paid to write this. they have several flavour like the Udon, Jjimdalg, Prawn.. but my favourite is the spicy one. it is just so good. basically they are glass noodles in freaking delicious soup and a cup noodle like this only costs around 1,000won depending on where you buy it. I’ve seen it selling in Carrefour (Cheongdam) for only 890won while some places are selling it for 1,200won. there is a bigger cup with slightly more calories for beginners hahahaha. Continue reading “yummy way to lose weight.”

Etude House’s Bubble in Mocha Pink

I have never used any other products other than Mise En Scene’s dye colours which worked great and I’ve always felt like my hair were much softer after dyeing it (IKR.) but this time I saw Etude House having their 50% sale so I decided to try theirs for once. I would do a review on the Mise En Scene one but it is only sold here I think =(. maybe next time ^^.

IMG_3648 copy

they have the same girl for each box. they just changed her hair colour for every box which wasn’t very professional in my opinion. but Etude House have been upgrading their quality for some time now so I guess they are still alright to use. Continue reading “Etude House’s Bubble in Mocha Pink”

how to cure dandruff.

I would not try to hide the fact that I was haunted with the horror of having dandruff. yes, I had snow falling off my head when I shake it. but a few years ago I found something that saved my scalp. my dad had the same problem for over 50 years. we tried so many remedies, used so many different dandruff shampoos and yet no cure. pantene, clear, schwarzkopf, sunsilk….. everything. but one day I finally found the right shampoo. and after just a few uses of this amazing shampoo. dandruff magically disappeared. this is not a paid advertorial so just you know. it’s a little expensive at the price of RM38. which is why I use two different shampoos for my scalp and my 30inch hair. I only use it when my scalp is uncomfortable. Continue reading “how to cure dandruff.”

Brian Joo & Alexander Lee @ 3rd Wave


okay enough hahah. I don’t know who’s Alexander actually. I only shoke his hand to show off to my friends who loves him if I have any.

BUT I LOVE BRIAN JOO AHHHH. though I thought he was a little tired =S.


it’s a Christian Event. it’s a concert which at the same time try to promote Christianity though idolism. I am quite happy being Buddhist where I am born to. but for the atheist around, it’s really not bad ;). I think that everyone should have a religion; any religion which teaches you good things will do. Continue reading “Brian Joo & Alexander Lee @ 3rd Wave”