how to make a long distance relationship work

I would like to state that this is based on my own personal experience and what worked for me may not work for you.

I guess this is the first time for me to write this publicly on my blog, but I think that it’s about time. I’ve always been in long distance relationships. some people say that I constantly fall into a long distance relationship because I have problems settling, but I think differently. I tried to look for someone I like who lived around me, but they never seem to work out. so..

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[Tokyo: Shinjuku] Menya Musashi, best Tsukemen in Shinjuku

Tokyo is known for its variety of different ramens which embarrassingly, I’ve yet to try many. among the ones that I would love to try are the ice cream ramen, the Michelin one star ramen and the blue soup ramen. but other than ramen, I have a love for something else which is difficult to find outside of Japan. and that’s something called the Tsukemen. Tsukemen are noodles that are normally thick like udon but with a ramen texture, and is served separately with the soup so every bite will seem like the first bite. no more soggy ramen! (I guess because I eat pretty slowly too hahahaha. you’re really supposed to finish your ramen under 10 minutes until the taste changes.)

IMG_5168 copy

so I was touring a friend around and he wanted to eat ramen. so I searched a little and stumbled across this place called Menya Musashi, which is apparently the best ramen shop in Shinjuku. Continue reading “[Tokyo: Shinjuku] Menya Musashi, best Tsukemen in Shinjuku”

25 things I’ve noticed about Japan.

like the one I’ve wrote about the things I’ve noticed about Korean people, since I hadn’t been in Japan for so long, I don’t have that many things to talk about haha. so here’s the 25 things I’ve noticed about Japan and Japanese people! and please note that it isn’t about ALL of Japan and ALL Japanese people. it’s pretty subjective :). Continue reading “25 things I’ve noticed about Japan.”

Halal or not?

okay, to be honest, Korea is probably like.. one of the most difficult when it comes to Halal food; you don’t know the language and you would like to avoid food that’s against your religion. while you can still eat and dine at various halal restaurants in Seoul. Halal food is widely UNAVAILABLE. most shops sell pork. and most Muslims do not know what they can eat or not in Seoul and it made them refrain from trying many things especially when they are not with a guide. (most Muslim friends opt for seafood restaurants or seafood dishes, it may contain pork or non-halal meat sometimes) but through Halal in Korea, you can now know what is halal and what’s haram in Korea. and here’s the list.

I just thought I’d let my fellow Muslim readers know what can be or cannot be eaten in Korea with the list I found online since I find it difficult to come by a list as complete as this one. I tried googling for Halal food when I first came but I had to filter through blogs and websites which was a hassle.

hope this can help my Muslim friends and have a great time in Korea!

Similarities and Differences between Japan and Korea

since I have been living in Korea for… the 4th year now and I think that I’ve been to Japan enough to know a handful of their culture and people, I have to admit that I am far away from knowing enough so whatever I write, it’s based on my own experience. you may agree to it or not but I am not stereotyping, just based on what I know! Continue reading “Similarities and Differences between Japan and Korea”

How I learned Korean + Japanese books giveaway!

this is probably one of the most frequently asked questions by not only my readers, but friends, acquaintances and people (foreigners) whom I’ve met in Korea especially.

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FOOD TOUR! by O’ngofood.

maybe it is a little weird that I am actually participating in a tour while actually being here for my 3rd year now.

it isn’t any tour though. it is a FOOD TOUR. wait.. what? does a tour like this even exist?


many people participate in this tour because their friends told them what a blast they had. and I was there to find out!

CIMG3494 copy

so for all the foodies like myself who love going for the local food and also cooking classes to learn how to make authentic Korean dishes! not just Kimchi, but something that’s actually filling. as for myself, I attended the night dining tour =3. I would love to try everything! given if I have time too. T_____T. see how much I am contributing to write all these posts for you people? Continue reading “FOOD TOUR! by O’ngofood.”

[Kyoto] Fat Cat in Gion.

for the first time in forever my blog, an animal post. hahahhahahaha.

I’ve never really liked cats.

I’d scream and yell if there’s a cat near me. I especially hate how their tails touch my leg.

and also when I slept over at a friend’s house in Korea whom has 3 cats and woke up with cats sleeping around me AND blood stains on my face (the cats scratched and walked all over me pfft). oh the door was closed. somehow the cats managed to open the door via the handle wth.

I don’t know since when but cats DO seem adorable to me now. I still love dogs more but I start to think cats are really cute creatures. especially this fat cat I bumped into in Gion, Kyoto.

IMG_8755 copy

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