as requested, here’s a compilation of my favourite places in Seoul!

* I try to compile them from ranking but they do not differ a lot if it’s just 1 to 2 rank away.

1. Samcheongdong : the most beautiful route is actually the walk from Insadong to Samcheongdong. check out this post for the route!

2. Bukchon Hanok Village : no doubt the prettiest place if you want to immerse yourself in traditional Korea in Seoul. its next to Samcheongdong too!

3. Hongdae : young and hip. good and reasonably priced food. what else more?

4. Edae, Edae shopping : the shopping heaven for girls. sorry guys, just go to Dongdaemun or something. haha.

4.5. Gangnam station : the alternative place to shop for girly clothes and shoes! a little more expensive than Edae but more choices.

5. Noryangjin Fish Market : you must not miss this place! it’s full of surprises and its also the cheapest place for all seafood you can find in Seoul!

6. Itaewon : as a foreigner, it is nice to mingle amongst foreigners but this area is different. one of the best places to drink.

7. Myeongdong : I shop here. a lot. H&M, F21, American Apparel, here I come!

8. Gwangjang Market : how is visiting Seoul complete without eating like a local? try the 3 must-eats I mentioned in my post!

9. Cheonggyecheon Stream : most romantic for couples =3.

10. Nami Island : worth a visit. absolutely beautiful.


my favourite cafes :

*there are countless of cafes which I really like but these are the few I found especially special =3.

1. aA the art museum cafe – Hongdae: BoA filmed her video here. the most beautiful cafe yet. could be closed if the cafe is booked for events.

2. Homilpat Patbingsu – Sinchon : after being here for 3 years, still the best place for bingsu

3. 5cijung [no post yet :(.. but here’s a link to their 4square!] – Hongdae, Samcheongdong, and many more places! : it is not cheap. pretty pricey even. but it’s so cute and each drink comes with a scone!


4. Bauhaus dog cafe *they have moved to Hapjeong Exit 3 (get off that exit and make a u-turn, walk a little and turn left into the alley and you’ll see it on your right), please do not follow my post’s directions* – Hapjeong : neat dog cafe with a variety of cute and cuddly dogs. why not? not a fan of dogs? there’s always Toms Cat Cafe.

5. 2nd best place in Seoul – Samcheongdong : an old cafe with the most comforting red bean porridge and herbal drinks mmmm.

6. Choco Blossom – Sinchon : fan of chocolate? this is not a cafe to miss!

7. Hakrim Dabang – Daehakno/Hyehwa : the filming spot of a few dramas including “you who come from the stars”

8. Passion 5 – Itaewon/Hangangjin : not the cheapest place, but definitely satisfying.

9. Cafe Decoa Ballim – Hongdae/Sangsu : amazing cheesecake! nice chocolates too!

10. Cafe Container – Sinchon/Edae : just gotta love their Nutella pancake!

there’s a place at Hyehwa called 첫만남 which means first meeting where they sell really good avocado smoothie and there’s also another cafe opposite it further down which look really beautiful and spooky at the same time. it looked like it popped out from some fairy tale. they are both at the silent alley located next to Hakrim Dabang (if you are facing Hakrim, it’s on your left). well, just saying! =D. there are too many cafes and I have too little time! though they are both nothing super special but they are worth a visit if you’re at Hyehwa! =3.


Favourite Restaurants :

basically there are many restaurants which are good. and whenever I eat, I forget about pictures T_T. but here’s a few I blogged about and recommend!

1. Bobired – Gangnam : yummy Italian Korean fusion restaurant I really like =3.

2. Bonga Usamgyup 본가 우삼겹 – Hongdae/Gangnam/chain shop : no post on this but it’s available at Hongdae and many other places. most delicious BBQ IMO. will try to blog about it soon T_T. but here’s the website!

3. Ikan Bakar! / Grilled Fish – Sinchon : this should be the no.1 restaurant to visit for my Muslim readers! yum yum yum. tastes a little like Malaysian food. definitely a Malaysian favourite.

4. Samcheongdong Sujebi – Samcheongdong : it tastes like Panmee. very very famous but I find it over rated. but good still.

5. Myeongdong Gyoja – Myeongdong : many people’s favourite! awesome Kalguksu going with their famous yummy yet pungent kimchi!

6. Gwangjang Market Yukhoe : my personal favourite! raw beef? anyone?

7. Wonhalmoni Dalghanmari – Dongdaemun : Japanese people’s favourite. there’s one really nice in Sinchon but I’ve yet to blog about it T_T.

8. The Kitchen Salvatore Cuomo – Sinsa/Gwanghwamun : FABULOUS Italian food in Korea. no joke.

9. Mies Container – Gangnam : where salad pasta was invented!

10. Janggun Bossam – Myeongdong : somewhere in Myeongdong. yummy and affordable =D.

basically I’ve made a list of food in Korea so check it out! Korean Food 101


Cheap and affordable food?
you need to know the living expenses in Seoul is rather high and if you want yummy and cheap, it would be NOT nearby any tourist spots. so your only bet would be the smaller restaurants with individual sets which are normally affordable and yummy. Yoogane in Sinchon’s good. Kimbab Cheonguk (Kingdom) is pretty good too! another would be Kongbul. I also loveee Kang Ho Dong’s Baek Jeong. go there for the Galmaegi! or go to Seorae for their galmaegi too! no post for it but.. remember 서래갈매기! and for noodles, always go for Yuksam Naengmyun! not sure where you can find it but there’s one on the second floor opposite the red mirror in front of Uplex, Sinchon!

hope this post helps! ^^.

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9 years ago

Hi Jamie,

Thanks for this informative post! You are a legend!! Really really appreciate the time that you put into this!! I will definitely go try the food/dessert that you mentioned!!

Once again, thank you!! =)


9 years ago

OMG thanks for this post. looking forward to the camping style bbq place! heard of it quite sometime, but no idea where it’s located at! i still love kongbul so much! it’s a must go for me when i visit seoul! *knew kongbul by reading ur blog too*

9 years ago

Sincere appreciate for this post! I saved in my PC already. Can use it for next year plan. Thanks. <3

9 years ago

hey jamie! reading your post brings back memories! Shall say korea is really a haven for foodhunters ^^ so much more to visit and to try and my palette is now so itching to get back there!

So glad to have stumbled over your blog before d 1st time i got to travel to KR 🙂

Koi Vin Sern
Koi Vin Sern
8 years ago

Thanks for providing such valuable info. This is so much useful for malaysian like us to travel there without hustle. Honest feedback and great tips!!! Thanks Jamie 🙂