I did multiple photoshoots during spring, summer and autumn but I had never done winter. why? well because it is VERY cold and I often travel during the season so..

this year, fellow Singaporean Dennis Abdon came to Seoul so we did a last minute shoot. without much preparation since I was going to sit for another test at that time. hahaha. anyways, here’s the pictures.


IMG_0014 copy

#1. the most girly picture of them all!

I really have to tell you that there’s a total of 62 picture of ME in this post so if you want to continue…

IMG_0016 copy

#2. I enjoy smirking. hahaha. the evil in me >=).

IMG_0009 copy

#3. I actually like this picture because you can’t see my face hahahaha.

IMG_0060 copy

#4. the most decent picture. because my smile’s nice there. =D. I don’t like my teeth so..

IMG_0076 copy

#5. back to no smiling.

IMG_0096 copy

#6. it was really slippery at the rooftop =S.

IMG_0098 copy

#7. <_<.

IMG_0107 copy

#8. I liked this view. but it smells weird there haha.

IMG_0111 copy

#9. I’ll keel you with my stareeee!

IMG_0127 copy


IMG_0131 copy

#11. dead yet? hahah.

IMG_0135 copy

#12. =D!

IMG_0144 copy

#13. favourite picture. but not exactly the girliest pose.

IMG_0157 copy

#14. look how long my neck looks!

IMG_0162 copy

#15. the wind kept blowing. it’s true. and very annoying.

IMG_0166 copy

#16. phail bambi.

IMG_0182 copy

#17. trying to look holy.

IMG_0191 copy

#18. emo face.

IMG_0195 copy

#19. trying to look all K-drama.

IMG_8586-2 copy

#20. I couldn’t open my eyes.

IMG_8590 copy

#21. this was the biggest my eyes could afford.

IMG_8595 copy


IMG_8597 copy


IMG_9694 copy

#24. here’s the very rare straight face shot.

IMG_9697 copy

#25. even more rare shot.

IMG_9698 copy

#26. and the angle that I favour least.

IMG_9700 copy

#27. which didn’t turn out too bad.

IMG_9702 copy


IMG_9713 copy


IMG_9720 copy

#30. the super puffy and warm coat.

IMG_9723 copy

#31. which made me look gigantic.

IMG_9735 copy


IMG_9737 copy

#33. can you see how windy it was.

IMG_9739 copy

#34. but thank goodness it just snowed so it wasn’t too cold.

IMG_9746 copy

#35. a nice candid of myself. for once.

IMG_9754 copy


IMG_9755 copy

#37. more emo shots to come!

IMG_9756 copy


IMG_9760 copy


IMG_9761 copy


IMG_9773 copy

#41. I touched the pole and my hands turned into ice lol.

IMG_9774 copy


IMG_9779 copy


IMG_9787 copy

#44. that building behind me is called the 600th anniversary building. to celebrate my school for being 600 years old. and that was 16 years ago. happy 616th birthday SKKU. =D.

IMG_9797 copy

#45. that metal was super cold T_T.

IMG_9827 copy

#46. don’t worry I wore shorts.

IMG_9837 copy

#47. the other favourite picture. except I look a little like a porn star here because the skirt’s pretty short. and it’s pleated. but oh well I still like it =S.

IMG_9881 copy

#48. have to be the dork that I am when I see Pororo. couldn’t hold it in!

IMG_9887 copy

#49. sometimes I wish I had blue eyes. sometimes I don’t.

IMG_9891 copy


IMG_9894 copy

#51. like I said, I wore shorts. haha. but the snow was so coarse it got stuck on my shorts and skirt like torns >_>.

IMG_9900 copy

#52. trying to look happy! =P.

IMG_9918 copy

#53. maybe being cool suit me better.

IMG_9961 copy

#54. okay scrap that. being dorky’s the best.

IMG_9968 copy

#55. teehee.

IMG_9969 copy

#56. =D.

IMG_9987 copy

#57. one step at a time!

IMG_9996 copy


he took my pictures with another memory stick in the middle and he lost it T_T. these are the only four pictures I have from that memory stick. thank goodness I transferred the few that I liked! =D. the rest were nice too though.. T_T.






#61. trying to warm my hands. my body was very warm I swear. had thermal wear, a shirt and a knit top. my socks are thermal as well! all thermal’s from uniqlo! heat tech rocks!



all pictures are taken by Dennis Abdon and they are all taken at Sungkyunkwan University Seoul Campus.

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9 years ago

So pretty!


9 years ago

I like no. 4! and 11 makes you look like a supermodel >< make up tutorial pleaseee!

9 years ago

Happy New Year!