for those who watch Korean dramas, this Italian restaurant have appeared in an episode of “lets eat” which I really liked because I loveeeeeeeeee eating. as you might’ve already known. teehee.

CIMG8700 copy

located in the middle of Hongdae, near Club Cocoon, this place is super easy to find. very convenient.

CIMG8701 copy

the interior was really pretty though. kitchen concept.

CIMG8702 copy

a very good place for dates though. over looking Hongdae and pretty white concept!

CIMG8704 copy

there was quite a range of Pasta’s and Pizza’s and they were illustrated with a drawing showing what’s in there which I thought was really creative. apparently, this store uses good ingredients hence it’s kind of like a healthy good quality restaurant.

CIMG8705 copy

the pasta’s were around 14,000won. definitely not cheap.

CIMG8706 copy

but the coolest thing about this place is.. you can charge your phone by just putting it on the table! how cool is that!!!

CIMG8708 copy

there’s this envelope with mouthwash and other stuff. but really, a mouthwash?! they got you all prepared to stay fresh even after you dine there!

CIMG8718 copy

hungry Jamie.

CIMG8733 copy


CIMG8734 copy

curry pasta. I took a bite of my friend’s pasta and it was goooooooooood. I didn’t know curry and pasta go together.

Levels copy

prune gorgonzolla pizza. okay. this. is. weird. I like the prunes. by itself. and I like the gorgonzolla.. by itself too. the combination made the prunes out power the cheeziness of the pizza and really all I could taste was the prunes which was good but.. not exactly a good match. so what happened was I ate them separately after hahaha. I guess this appeals to Korean taste buds.

CIMG8740 copy

my passion fruit drink. decent.

CIMG8746 copy

and the famous Hedgehog Pasta!!! this was pretty good really. the bread soaked in the pasta got.. soggy but other than that it was all good! although it was 14,000won. for the presentation, the location and the ambiance, it was quite reasonably priced. if you wanna bring a girl out on a casual date? you know where to go to now.

oh, there was actually a few tables of people who looked like they came for a sogaeting (blind date set up by friends) and that was pretty funny hehehehehehehe.

CIMG8747 copy

I LOVE this spoon. it’s sold at artbox! but restaurants and cafes just love using them. so cute right?!

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