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nothing’s better for an expat working in hectic HK other than Saturday brunches. I just felt like brunch is the only time where I can slow down at this very fast-paced city. there are quite a number of places offering brunch in HK but they are normally over-crowded, not brunch-like and over-priced. but classified, a chic european styled chain here, is really my style.

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love the very chilled ambiance here.

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this is not their in-house newsletter, but it is actually the menu haha.

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our view.

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my date (almost) every Saturday, Min <3.

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and Min enjoys taking ugly pictures of me haha.

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avocados, greens and tomatoes on toast? simply purrrrrrfect <3. especially with dashes of tabasco! 70HKD.

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I know it’s too early, but they have great Sangria here =D. 55HKD.

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tomato and chilli flakes pizza at 72HKD. mmmm. yum. the crust was super crunchy and it was just so yummy. but please don’t eat it when it’s cold because it’ll become like a brick lol.

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this was our all-time-favourite. pancakes with greek yoghurt and caramelized oranges. 70HKD. mm.. so fluffy and dense. we actually over ordered. so please order one less dish if you’re not a big eater haha.

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our perfect Saturday ^_^.

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I also found Classified’s menu online for your reference :D.

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6 years ago

Ooohhh pizzaaaa so yummy!