[Seoul: Hongdae] Bonita Di Cafe; a Raccoon Cafe


okay, I have to admit, I went to see Raccoons but I was more attracted to this cute little baby Corgi in the end.

IMG_9032 copy

anyways, here’s a baby Raccoon!

PS: this is a long post with a lot of cuteness overload pictures. so brace yourself for all that cuteness!

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[Seoul: Gwanghwamun] Korea’s FIFA WORLD CUP!

I thought to myself, the world cup only occurs once in 4 years. that means it will only happen once in my 5 years studies in Seoul. I CAN’T miss out this chance of going to the world cup cheer. already knowing how much Koreans are huge nationalists, I was still amazed by how united and enthusiastic they are when it comes to their country. it is really not like Asians are known for football, but even so, they have high hopes that they’d win and everybody gathers to cheer for their country at 4am in the morning. I went there at 130 and it was already super packed.

CIMG0156 copy

apparently many people went there at 1030 to get a good spot. it was raining at that time! thank goodness for me because it did not rain after I went there. Continue reading “[Seoul: Gwanghwamun] Korea’s FIFA WORLD CUP!”

Korean Etiquette/Courtesy/Culture and Japan

since I am stuck in Japan with my friend’s Japanese laptop (my laptop can’t connect to the internet and there’s no adapter yet T_T), I will first choose topics to write about which doesn’t require much pictures and editing.

SO, living in Seoul for about 3 years now, of course I’ve noticed more and more and from my mistakes, I learned even better. Continue reading “Korean Etiquette/Courtesy/Culture and Japan”

Camping in Korea!

camping is actually a very favourable activity among Koreans and to my knowledge, almost every Korean family has a tent. do they even sleep in it? well I am not sure. but they do love building it and sitting by the lakes or in any gardens. there is also this campsite next to Hangang called Nanji Camping Site. I have been to the Nanji camping site but only for the day and those places have almost everything for rent. just bring whatever you want to BBQ and go there. but this time, I went for the REAL DEAL.

went to campsites as far as Hong Cheon (next to Chun Cheon) for it. it was quite a long 3 hours ride but I felt like I was not in Korea. and I’ve got to consider myself lucky since those places are not easily reached by public transport so as a foreigner, these are places which are almost impossible to get to.

20130809092228378 copy

my first time sleeping on a sleeping bag. literally on it because it was super hot. it got a little bit more chilly at night. but it’s still hot. T_T. gracious weather in Korea. bloody weather. Continue reading “Camping in Korea!”

[Seoul: Gwanghwamun] Yamaya

the thing about Seoul is.. there is no such thing as Yoshinoya nor Sushi Zanmai. you Malaysians should really appreciate the fact that you have Sushi Zanmai because it is so darn good. in Korea, the cheaper sushi restaurants serve sushi 10 times worst than Sushi King. with their not fresh raw fish and uncooked rice. anyway, I was so glad to have found this place in Gwanghwamun where they serve Japanese food that I’ve never even once had back in Malaysia (though it might be available as well).

IMG_3688 copy

the entrance. the location isn’t as easy to find but it is pretty near Gwanghwamun exit 1. Continue reading “[Seoul: Gwanghwamun] Yamaya”

Korean Food 101

HI! I’ve been wanting to write this post forever but I hadn’t collected enough pictures to do so. even now, too, actually. but at least I’ve gathered up enough pictures for post number 1! ^^

IMG_0038 copy

#1 Belgian waffle. sometimes it’s really costly but sometimes it can be rather fair.  but the one above costed around 16,000won (that is RM48 holyyyyyy). friend bought it but still it was T________T. we had it in a nice cafe at Samcheongdong. the cheaper ones would cost around 3,000won ^^. but of course much smaller and.. there’s no fruits and ice cream haha. and view. Continue reading “Korean Food 101”

Spring Is Here!


but like what everybody here’s condemning about, the weather in Seoul IS weird. to be honest. it was pretty hot even two weeks ago. it was like 22 degrees in the day. and you know what? it snow-rained on Thursday. it wasn’t that cold but snowing almost in the middle of April? that’s ridiculous.

it is currently around 1-10degrees from a few days ago till now.

IMG_2045 copy

read the weather forecast that today’s a nice sunny day so I brought my camera to school. but it was awkward taking pictures because now I am no longer.. a tourist anymore. I will take more pictures of Sungkyunkwan University when I get more comfortable and when the Cherry Blossom Trees blooms (excuses!). Continue reading “Spring Is Here!”

[Seoul: Samcheongdong] Hanjeongsik 한정식

the one Korean food that I’ve failed to try even though I’ve been here for so long is Hanjeongsik. it is one of the most expensive meals around. costing at least 10,000won for the cheapest one which doesn’t include you starters. it serves you an array of side dishes which are refillable. costing around 15,000won-20,000won on average, it’s worth it if you keeeeeep eating. like a buffet. okay maybe not. but similar.

Hanjeongsiks were formerly served to aristocrats and the high and mighty. but today, even we commoners can have a chance to have a taste of it.

IMG_0079 copy

my family, a cousin came here and he said he’ll buy me anything yummy so yeah! Hanjeongsik it is! my family tree is filled with handsome guys and pretty girls. although I am one of the few odd ones. but heck, look at my sister and my cousin! Continue reading “[Seoul: Samcheongdong] Hanjeongsik 한정식”