[Singapore] a week of Singapore III

last part already! hurray! or not.

okay! let me tell you what is most attractive in Singapore. no no not the clothes, not the beautiful trees also, and absolutely not the expensive taxi’s although I must admit that it’s extremely comfortable, but still EXPENSIVE!

the most attractive thing is.. PAPAYA MILK! must ask the auntie to add milk and honey to the papaya juice, or else sure not so nice. =P.

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[Singapore] a week in Singapore II

on the third day, we went to BUGIS STREET! it’s like the most crowded street and it’s more or less like Sungei Wang in Malaysia, just a different style. it’s actually the nicest place to shop. first, the prices are reasonable, and second the clothes are pretty! and also the food there rocks. =P. Just take the MRT to Bugis and go up from Exit C and you’ll see it.

the expensive dress I bought from Orchard is ALSO sold here for at least SGD20 cheaper! damn regret I tell you. *puffs*. as for the price, the dresses/shirts/pants/whatever are ranged from SGD10 to SGD35. the clothes are WONDERFUL, I could have bought more if I were richer. haha. had so much fun in there. although very small, but it’s quite like a maze, you’ll probably get lost in there and never come across to the same shop again. also do bring along your most comfortable shoe despite how ugly it might look because you’ll buy one when you’re there if you don’t have one, high heels are totally off unless you plan to take taxi everywhere. short distance already cost 12$ (RM 25?).

as for the food, I’ve not tried much, but the juices are really worth it, my favourite banana and papaya <3 just for 1 dollar! and the sausages are splendid too! I have to admit that it is not a high-class place, but it’s a fun place to shop for clothes. (unless I’m a BILLIONAIRE, I will just go for all the branded stuff, which I think might be a little more boring.)

I don’t have a picture of Bugis Street but then the sign there is so big that you’ll not not notice it. =)

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[Singapore] a week in Singapore I

actually it’s 6 days to be exact.

it’s my first time in Singapore, don’t ask me why. it’s just so embarrassing to tell my friends that I’ve not been there (used to think it’s just like Malaysia, but I am so wrong). so now I need to go there once and for all to get my pride! but for now, I think I’ll be able to go there anytime already, since it’s so efficient. =D. it’s greater than what I expected! like finding Malaysians all over Hong Kong. people there speak more or less like Malaysians and the MRT there is just like the MTR in Hong Kong! and not only MRT, the buses there are also damn efficient. if I’m living in Singapore I won’t need to always BEG my sister and mother to fetch me out to malls which they usually won’t. the KTM comes like 30mins or more once and it moves like a snail. yes, like a SNAIL. it’s always packed and sometimes it’s so packed that your ass will “glide” with somebody elses. seriously la, if our country’s public transport can be more efficient, we won’t have any “masalah kesesakan lalu lintas” (traffic jams). Continue reading “[Singapore] a week in Singapore I”