[Jeju Island] Seongsan Ilchulbong/Sunrise Peak 성산일출봉

SO, I’m still on DAY 1 of my Jeju post. and I had the best experience of nature. ever.

never had I wonder something non-man-made to be so spectacular and breath taking. this place deserves its title as one of the 7 wonders of nature of the world.

IMG_9437 copy

maybe I was lucky because the weather was great, but to compare the weather in Jeju and Seoul which was only 1 hour flight away, I would say that Jeju was like total paradise. not only was it much warmer, its clear blue skies and clean air was the best of it all. unlike dusty Seoul. pfft. Continue reading “[Jeju Island] Seongsan Ilchulbong/Sunrise Peak 성산일출봉”

[Jeju Island] Hamdeok Beach 함덕해수욕장

being here for 3 years now, I finally found time to go to Jeju Island. initially, I really wonder what’s so great about this place. people talk to me about it and I have no clue how it is like nor what the attractions and cities are called.

so a little bit about Jeju would be that this island, which I guess should be even bigger than Singapore is a volcanic island. and no, the volcano isn’t dead. plus, the reason the whole island is filled with black stones is because long long time ago, the volcano erupted and all the black stones are.. yes, lava. chances are we wouldn’t live to see the next eruption but still, come here when you can!

Jeju is so huge that travelling from side to another takes more than 2 hours. and it is divided into two sections, Jeju(제주시) and Seogwipo (서귀포시). it’s pretty weird how Jeju is longer horizontally and the island is divided by a horizontal line as well.

so what’s famous here? nature. Jeju-do (do = island) is itself a natural world heritage site, making it a must-visit for many foreigners. it is famous for it’s black porous stones (you can also buy it and use it as scrub haha) and the awesome weather. the same sunny weather in Jeju is two times prettier than the sunny weather in Seoul. I don’t know why either. and the air.. it’s just so fresh.

CIMG3604 copy

DAY 1: since I only had 2 long days (sucks to be a student haha) to spend here, I prioritized the places I want to go to the most. I actually went to almost all the places I wanted to go to. Continue reading “[Jeju Island] Hamdeok Beach 함덕해수욕장”