[Seoul: Jongro] Gwangjang Market 광장시장

despite living only a few minutes away by bus from this magnificent market, it was my first time here in 2 years. or just, ever.

it has never hit me that market food can be so enjoyable. it is just simple food. every store selling the same thing, but then there are the “pioneers” and also the fakes. so as lucky as I was, I had a Korean to bring me around eating the 3 must eats in Gwangjang Market.

IMG_6253 copy

so the main eatery street is like above. it sells a variety of stuff and food but you come here for the food. not the stuff. unless you want to buy quilt. I heard it’s pretty reasonably priced here.

and look!!! makgeolli advertisement above! call me an alcoholic but I love my makgeolli. a lot. Continue reading “[Seoul: Jongro] Gwangjang Market 광장시장”

[Jeonju] of Jeonju and yogurutu

I am a little crazy, you can say. because I went back to Jeonju in a month. well, I took full advantage of my privilege as a foreigner because it’s only until end of this year foreigners can travel here for free =S. the last time I came here, I had awesome Galbitang but this time I came here for it’s famous Jeonju Bibimbap. the next time? Ddeok Galbi FOR SURE.

IMG_4107 copy

but there’s something more. the yoghurt (they call it the yogurutu). I don’t know how can I put this, but it’s the best yoghurt I’ve ever had. a huge bottle for 4,000won. it was pretty expensive to me at first but after I tried it, I can assure you that it’s a steal!

I am preeeeeeeeetty busy these days, with my presentation and all, but I’m done with it now, so wait up for more of my Jeonju and Busan posts!