[Seoul: Buam-dong] My 23rd Birthday @ Prep 프렙 부암동

먼저 내 생일 디너 와준 친구들에게 와줘서 고맙고 초대 받고 못 오는 친구들은 담에 나한테 밥 쏜다!!! 일어나서 메세지 미치게 들어오는 것도 고맙고 페복에서 글 남긴 사람들에게도 고마워욤.

프렙은 원래 홍대에 있었던 페페로니입니다. 작은 가게였지만 음식은 제가 한국에서 외국음식 중에서 제일 맛있다고 생각하는 가게이고 여기의 음식은 대부분 와인과 잘 어울리게 만든 음식입니다. 프렙은 이제 부암동에 있습니다. 가격은.. 저같은 학생에겐 그렇게 착하진 않고요 대신 음식질도 보장할 수 있는 거죠. 가격에 따라 품질도 다르는것과 똑같은거죠~. 여기는 넘 맛있어서 돈 모아서 올 수 있는 정도입니다 ㅋㅋㅋ.

so exactly one week ago, I celebrated my 19th 23rd (ㅠㅠ) Birthday with a small group of close friends and I am really really glad everyone made time to come despite living far, busy schedules etc.

Prep used to be called Peperoni, a small and cozy restaurant located at the convenient Hongdae (or Hapjeong) but after it had moved to Buam-dong, it was pretty difficult to access but since I was a big fan of it since its early days, I decided to hold my birthday dinner here! it’s pretty pricey but the price we paid for that night was pretty decent.

IMG_4151 copy

happy birthday to me! =D. Continue reading “[Seoul: Buam-dong] My 23rd Birthday @ Prep 프렙 부암동”

[Seoul: Itaewon] #1 Tiramisu in Seoul?

so last month for le DongSaeng’s birthday, we headed to Brera, a shop in Beotigogae (near Itaewon) owned by a humble Italian man and food here’s said to be as original as it gets. I’ve never been to Italy and most of the Italian food I’ve had were all tweaked to adjust to the local’s taste.

CIMG7806 copy

despite studying in Korea, le dongsaeng seems to hang out mostly with foreigners. well that kind of happens to me too but I still have a handful of Korean friends! Continue reading “[Seoul: Itaewon] #1 Tiramisu in Seoul?”

[Seoul: Hongdae] Cooking Mate

for those who watch Korean dramas, this Italian restaurant have appeared in an episode of “lets eat” which I really liked because I loveeeeeeeeee eating. as you might’ve already known. teehee.

CIMG8700 copy

located in the middle of Hongdae, near Club Cocoon, this place is super easy to find. very convenient. Continue reading “[Seoul: Hongdae] Cooking Mate”

[Osaka: Namba] MOULiN

how ironic. I told myself to devour all the Korean food since I wouldn’t be back in Korea in 2 months, but there I was, drinking Kirin. (and I also had CHINESE food for my last dinner in Korea) with a frozen poop on top. =D. yummay.

CIMG0208 copy

met up with David but that good looking American Korean friend of mine refused to let me take a picture of him so one less eye candy for you. had the Kirin beer at a place called Bee located at Itaewon if you’re wondering. great interior and ambiance by the way. Continue reading “[Osaka: Namba] MOULiN”

[Seoul: Hongdae] Gelati Gelati

there are tonnes of special ice cream shops around. but most of them will just give you a “it’s pretty not bad” feeling. but this one will just make you craving for more.

20140316_154719 copy

Gelati Gelati located at Hongdae was always packed with people whenever I go there. there’s always a long line and the weirdest thing is that the shop isn’t exactly located at a strategic spot. a spot where shops nearby aren’t really open in the day. Continue reading “[Seoul: Hongdae] Gelati Gelati”

[Seoul: Gangnam Station] Bobired

hello all!

if you’ve followed me on instagram you have probably seen pictures of this Korean fusion pasta place that I go to pretty often back then when I lived in Gangnam. even now, whenever I head to Gangnam this is always on top of my pasta list as it is not too pricey and superbly delicious.

it is called Bobired.

CIMG3399 copy

located near Gangnam Station, this place is quite hidden but it is definitely not difficult to find. even so, it was always packed with people as the pasta’s.. really amazing. Continue reading “[Seoul: Gangnam Station] Bobired”

[Seoul: Sinchon] CM’s Box to end my crave for Pasta. (CLOSED)

when it comes to Pasta. I am a glutton. I had once eaten 7 bowls of pasta. that only applies to Bolognese though. I can never seem to eat more than 1 portion of Carbonara.

so Mr. Mun once brought me to this awesome (and famous apparently) place that serves pasta during lunch but it was so full and there were so many people waiting AND I was very hungry we just went ahead to settle our tummies at Hans Deli (Korean Italian fastfood shop. not bad. pretty cheap too! best of all, they have tabasco too <3.). but I decided to come back to the shop to try it since it’s always so full.

IMG_8568 copy Continue reading “[Seoul: Sinchon] CM’s Box to end my crave for Pasta. (CLOSED)”

[Malaysia: KL] Neroteca

FINALLY! A FOOD REVIEW! haven’t been blogging about food for AGES. so yep, 2 days ago Sir How and I went over to Neroteca, a fabulous Italian restaurant (with even more fabulous prices) near lot 10. it is located below the residential condo/flat whatever it is, called Somerset. I’ve been reading a lot of food reviews regarding this restaurant and have been dying to go there ever since. =D.

their sweet table mat. =D. Continue reading “[Malaysia: KL] Neroteca”