[Yangpyeong] Dreamy Camera 꿈꾸는 사진기, 양평

okay, to be honest, I had a hard time translating the name of this spectacular cafe in Yangpyeong, South Korea. it’s literally called the dreaming camera. but.. it can also mean dream camera too. like.. the camera that’s like a dream. and it actually is. and it is a place for you to share your dream.

there were actually nothing much nearby and it’s ridiculously difficult to go as it’s ridiculously far from Seoul. but for a ridiculous reason I find myself having the urge to go back there every season. because.. well look at it.

IMG_4299 copy

this cafe has a surprisingly short history. it opened back in 2013 but from what I heard from the lady owner, they had planned for this from a long time ago. it was modeled after a twin lens Rolleiflex and it just look phenomenal from every angle. and there IS a reason to come here. similar to how this couple managed to build this dreamy camera, they try to spread their positive aura to motivate others achieve their dreams too! and the owner would LOVE to listen to your dreams! that’s actually what this cafe is for, to share your dreams. it ain’t just a normal cafe you go to and it is definitely not just a camera themed cafe.

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[Jinhae] Korea’s most beautiful place in Spring: Jinhae Cherry Blossoms

it’s my 4th year here and I thought.. I might not be able to go to Jinhae next year since it’s going to be my last year and I might be busy. so.. I’ll just go there this year. some of my friends come here every single year but the jam and long hour bus ride is too tiring for me. unless I can afford a KTX ride, I don’t think I want to come to this festival again. 5 hour bus ride one way and the place’s pretty crowded. it wasn’t like super duper crowded. more of a bearable kind of crowded. but maybe because I went there at 630am in the morning and I left at 2pm.

but one thing for sure, the pictures came out really well. like, really really well. indeed the most beautiful place to be at during spring. the whole city’s filled with cherry blossoms as well! but I was too tired to explore it all… I only had 1 hour of sleep the night before hahaha.

IMG_0885 copy1 copy

here’s my favourite shot! Neoh told me to “PRETEND TO LOOK AT THE FLOWERS!” I looked like a robot in the first few pictures and then it became better. Continue reading “[Jinhae] Korea’s most beautiful place in Spring: Jinhae Cherry Blossoms”

[Gyeongju] Taking a step into ancient Korea

I know I say this many many times but I’ve really always wanted to visit Gyeongju for the longest time.

it is known for being the most ancient looking city in Korea and it is. I heard that they couldn’t build taller buildings because the country is trying to maintain Gyeongju’s ancient image.

IMG_2873 copy

there are a list of places to go to in Gyeongju which would require about 2-3 days to complete but since I only had one, and the weather was awful, I visited two of the most popular landmarks, Bulguksa 불국사 and Seok-gul-am 석굴암. they are located really close to each other but with snow piling so high, it is impossible to walk through the stairs from Bulguksa. I heard some people actually did walk up in the Summer but decided to take the taxi down because it is really such a walk. if you’re planning to take the cab, be reminded that it is actually very near, but far because the roads are winding. viewing the map through satellite is literally jaw dropping. Continue reading “[Gyeongju] Taking a step into ancient Korea”

[Yongin] 건강나라 찜질방 Runningman Sauna!



if you’re an avid Running Man follower you’d probably know this huge-ass Jjimjilbang/sauna in Yongin. it is no doubt super duper far but it is also super duper big and awesome. it is called the 건강나라 Geongang Nara. Continue reading “[Yongin] 건강나라 찜질방 Runningman Sauna!”

Camping in Korea!

camping is actually a very favourable activity among Koreans and to my knowledge, almost every Korean family has a tent. do they even sleep in it? well I am not sure. but they do love building it and sitting by the lakes or in any gardens. there is also this campsite next to Hangang called Nanji Camping Site. I have been to the Nanji camping site but only for the day and those places have almost everything for rent. just bring whatever you want to BBQ and go there. but this time, I went for the REAL DEAL.

went to campsites as far as Hong Cheon (next to Chun Cheon) for it. it was quite a long 3 hours ride but I felt like I was not in Korea. and I’ve got to consider myself lucky since those places are not easily reached by public transport so as a foreigner, these are places which are almost impossible to get to.

20130809092228378 copy

my first time sleeping on a sleeping bag. literally on it because it was super hot. it got a little bit more chilly at night. but it’s still hot. T_T. gracious weather in Korea. bloody weather. Continue reading “Camping in Korea!”

[Cheongju] 청주, visiting the filming set of Baker King Kim Tak Goo and Man of Honour!

I am not sure if I should say that I am lazy to split the post into a few parts or I am too hardworking that I’ll blog one whole long post. but I consider myself lazy so here goes. I went to Cheongju to see my best friend, Peter, who came out from the army for holidays. his family lives in Cheongju and hence I had to take a bus down to Cheongju. it takes around 90minutes to arrive and costs 8,000won from Dong-Seoul station. I went to Cheongju twice in a week actually. but I will blog about my first part as I did not take too many pictures the 2nd time.

IMAG4600 copy

putting my size 5.5 (235) feet beside my size 13 friend’s shoe. MADNESS. I felt like a kid. Continue reading “[Cheongju] 청주, visiting the filming set of Baker King Kim Tak Goo and Man of Honour!”

Nami Island in Autumn 남이섬의 가을

woke up at 6 in the morning, got out on 730 and reached Dong Seoul Bus Terminal (Gangbyeon Subway Station) at 8 something. but took off later at 9am and reached there at 10 something~. there’s another way to get there by subway directly to Gapyeong and take either a bus or a taxi from there. taking the bus is errrrrr. a little bit more expensive but more comfortable seats =D. at Gangbyeon Station, you still have to take a cab or another bus to Nami Island. it’s okay to walk as well actually. =D. it’s just that as first timers you might not know the way so…. taking the taxi would cost about 3,000-4,000won. depending on the traffic actually.

IMG_7701 copy

on the Namimaid ferry. basically the only way you can get to Nami Island other than literally “flying” there via flying fox. which costs a bomb. Continue reading “Nami Island in Autumn 남이섬의 가을”

Nami Island during Summer!

so like how I’ve blogged about previously, just take the Subway to Gangbyeon and walk across to Dong-Seoul Bus Terminal and ask for a ticket to Gapyeong. Ga-Pyeong.

IMG_1781 copy

the bus heads to Chuncheon so make sure you know where to get off. if I am not wrong you get out on the 2nd stop. it takes around an hour and a half. Continue reading “Nami Island during Summer!”