iPhone4 finally available in Celcom! and from RM248!

as you Malaysians might have known (or, should at least know by now?) Celcom has the widest coverage, best network quality and has one of the best customer services in Asia. and other than that? famous for it’s forever so affordable packages and rates but at the same time giving you the most luxurious plans in town. and did you know? TODAY is the launch of the iPhone4 plan for Celcom.

and now, I would like to announce that, THE WHITE iPHONE4 IS IN TOWN too. Continue reading “iPhone4 finally available in Celcom! and from RM248!”

[Tokyo: Meiji Jingu] Meiji Jingumae

Konbanwa! long time no see blog. I had been working U_U. but NOW when my coll started, I am more free. why? because there’s only twoooo classes per week! and hopefully the time table wouldn’t change, so both the subjects fall on the same day = one coll day per week! YIPEE!


it was so HOT when we arrived in Tokyo. it’s always like that, whenever we land we wear thick clothes and when we get out, it’s so hot we’re literally sweating in winter. SO, the next day, I wore my mom’s thin sweater. but then it rained and I was almost froze to death. thank goodness we brought extra clothes. Continue reading “[Tokyo: Meiji Jingu] Meiji Jingumae”

having my image consulted!

I bet those who have seen my recent facebook profile picture would wonder where I went or what I had done. so here’s it.

a few weeks ago, Michelle from Nuffnang called me to ask if I was interested in an image consultant program. and without giving a second thought, I said YES!  so much for being a blogger, I have really low self esteem. it’ll take some time to overcome it. but Ana’s words were really influential, you’d just have to talk to her.


our group meeting. it was really cool because there was this VIP place TANGS had for their VIP guests where none of us knew about and it was perfect for our little meeting there. Continue reading “having my image consulted!”

JJ Lin <3. my love! =D.

I am guessing Vvens and Nat would sigh when they see this title. in fact, if I were them, I would too kekeke.


TADA!!! Vvens got so sad because she didn’t have her name written. but she got to stand next to him at the picture session! and he was standing SO CLOSE to her they looked like a couple in that picture pfft. Continue reading “JJ Lin <3. my love! =D.”

Clinique Star Tour 2010 @ Pavilion.

at first I was running around in Pavilion (when I am already late) to look for the booth. until I suddenly became smarter to ask the information counter to know that it is placed OUTSIDE. but the spot was actually very easy to find and they set it up in a very classy way. amazing how they made it. there were MANY BEAUTIFUL GIRLS. I felt so low when I saw them T_T. Continue reading “Clinique Star Tour 2010 @ Pavilion.”

[Malaysia: Malacca] MALACCA kampung HOMESTAY! DAY 1

minus the dinner part. too many pictures! 500 pictures in 2 days without major camwhoring is a LOT.

Kem Modal Insan – the name of the place is to tell you they’d make you a better person haha. but by the first sight of the name you might think it’s some sort of NS camp haha like mine, it was Kem Tegas Mesra. it’s 3 words and it starts with a KEM. =X. anyways, thanks Agrotourism and NewsZapped Media. =D. Continue reading “[Malaysia: Malacca] MALACCA kampung HOMESTAY! DAY 1”