at first I was running around in Pavilion (when I am already late) to look for the booth. until I suddenly became smarter to ask the information counter to know that it is placed OUTSIDE. but the spot was actually very easy to find and they set it up in a very classy way. amazing how they made it. there were MANY BEAUTIFUL GIRLS. I felt so low when I saw them T_T.

I was late. I reached 20 minutes late but they took pity on me because I rushed back from Penang and it was so jam T_T. so I got a slot! =D. but I was the last one. =/.

anyway this is the make up section. it’s very nice. they put you on those superstar chairs ahhaha and the make up artistes are very nice as well they will ask you if you like it and if you don’t they’d scrape it off. @@”. but I liked mine all the way anyways haha. but before we had make up on, they will remove all your make up previously with their clensers and such. I love how the toner smell like alcohol. but it isn’t bad for the skin no worries!

next would be a picture of me. without make up. which will probably make girls happy. I know how it feels to feel sad looking at a pretty girl. and when looking at a uglyyyyyyyy no make up girl, you’d NATURALLY feel gleeful. ahhaha.

but I made the picture twice as small so you’d not laugh at me so long. =D.


a very pretty angmoh getting her hair curled. =D.

I look so young in these two pictures! =D. ehehhee. straight and curly hair. I prefer wavy. =X. but wavy hair’s messy T_T.

and why do I look different? one, I got back from penang weighing a KG heavier aka more meat on the face T_T. and two, I had this tear on the corner of my lips. it is damn painful and it is getting more serious. and it hurts to smile. especially with teeth! =(.

I got it last week when I woke up with dry lips and yawned. it hurts a LOT. T_T.

three, I am not trained in smiling without teeth. haha.

I think that ang mohs are naturally photogenic that is why ang moh movies are more famous T_T. okay kidding. ahhaa. but they ARE more beautiful. don’t know why. =S. maybe it is their fair skin and blonde hair with those indian like features.

the experience was pretty good actually. I have never joined any sort of photoshoot thing etc etc since I was.. 8?

I was given a printed picture of my own, a goodie bag with a product and a lipgloss with a 50bucks voucher to do my hair at miko. I don’t think I’d be visiting the saloon by the time the voucher expires. so who wants it? =D.

and why do I look old here? HMM?

PS : thanks to and

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