FUH. finally I had access to my blog. T_T. sorry I guess it was server maintenance! anyways! MTV WORLDSTAGE was last Sunday. sucks to be you if you’ve missed it =P. but you still haven’t missed your chance to experience MTV WORLDSTAGE ON TV!! it’s recorded in 3D by the way and it’ll be played on Aug 8th at MIDNIGHT!


Natelie! <3. it was really sunny that day and we were there at.. 3? U_U. it’s a wonder why are we not roasted yet. hurr look at Nat’s sun burnt arm T_T. Continue reading “MTV WORLDSTAGE 2011!!!”

S.O.X. Hoops @ MABA, KL.

WOOHOO!! I went to S.O.X. Hoops All-Stars last week and it was a blast. and guess what? it wasn’t even the finals. 4 teams were picked and I have to say, it’s like watching football. you’d naturally have a team to root for. and a thing about shooting basketball games is that it’s pretty tough as the lighting in the stadium ain’t exactly too bright for photographers to catch those swift players on the go. quite a challenge I have to say. so whoever who wanna train their skills or get some experience, the finals is coming end of this month and it’s the perfect event to attend to.

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S.O.X. All-Stars Hoops!

any basketballer here? or slam dunk enthusiast? good news for you because S.O.X. All-Stars Hoops is back in town! and it’ll be happening in Maba Stadium, KL tomorrow from 9am! it is actually a 5-on-5 basketball tournament with teams from various schools all over in Malaysia in search of the BEST basketball team! certainly an event not to miss out for basketball fans!

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S.O.X. Drum and Dance FINALE

last Saturday was the finale for the S.O.X. Drum and Dance competition @ The Piazza, The Curve! after the long awaited moment, I finally had the chance to see the cheerios up close as my seats were really really close! hence the better shots, even when I was sitting. =D.


our MC’s of the day! Zher and Hafiz from FlyFM! and Ean backstage at that time. Continue reading “S.O.X. Drum and Dance FINALE”

Sushi Culture Shock : Shirako

today I would like to introduce you to this sushi which is not very known outside Japan. as usual, I always try my best to look for some interesting food in a country that I am going to visit through google and I found Shirako.


it wasn’t available in the small-bar-type sushi shop so I went ahead and look for a conveyor belt sushi shop; or what some people will call sushi from a hole. hole in the wall sushi? Continue reading “Sushi Culture Shock : Shirako”

A Super Hero Party

Encore event is brought to you by Horeca School of Excellence (HSE).

I am not sure if any of you had been to the previous Encore events, but this time, you should definitely not miss it.


Well, I am sure everybody loves themed events. (I myself LOVE themed parties, just look at my birthday themes each year =D). This time the theme is Super Heroes!

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it is so hard to believe. I turned 19. it’s like, way over sweet 16. T_T. I sound old now. I don’t understand how can I still feel so young and childish. I really need to grow! even though I don’t know how will I eventually grow hahahaha.

besides, it’s my last year of being a teenager T_T. oh my.


this is my Opera cake. Opera cakes are awesome. they taste fantastic! looks fantastic as well! Continue reading “NINETEENTH!”