I am guessing Vvens and Nat would sigh when they see this title. in fact, if I were them, I would too kekeke.


TADA!!! Vvens got so sad because she didn’t have her name written. but she got to stand next to him at the picture session! and he was standing SO CLOSE to her they looked like a couple in that picture pfft.


thank you GINNY, Joshua and Nuffnang! Ginny had something to do so she gave me her tickets for both the showcase and the meet and greet session(where there’s only a classroom of people! approx 50 people.) T_T. I love Lin Jun Jie but I had never had an idea of how to track when he is coming and all sort.

Ginny called me 10am in the morning while I was still sleeping to inform me that I can go. and I jumped out of bed to get PART of my assignments done. where I left pretty much for the next day. that is why, I’ll look like a zombie tomorrow. it is sad that she cannot go, but I LOVE YOU GINNY YAP! kamu teramat sayang saya! <3.

did I tell you I only got a B+ for BM? hah T_T.


le-sigh. the 5D is so heavy. and it was dark. so it was difficult to camwhore! =(.

NATALIE! the korean girl. I like all her clothes pfft and I always think they are from Korea HAHA. well, because she makes them look korean =D.

I look funny that day. =X. I had no mood because I just straightened my hair the day before it and it was like….. pancakes. I mean, my hair was so flat I name this a bad picture day haha.


*points* I WANT ONE OF THOSE! if I am JJ I will be happy if all my fans wear something like that to see me. except I have no idea how to get it. in fact, I think it’ll be great for me to design one myself. also, except that there won’t be chinese words. HAHAHAHA.


Gym Chong! I used to like him and I still do. but his hair was a little funny hahaha. I noticed that this was the new trend though, some of my college mates have that exact same hair. but in grey.

he was saying things like “oh I want a DSLR so bad, so if you take pictures later I’d confiscate yours for myself!” I don’t know what they said exactly by the way, because my mandarin is pretty basic. =X.

but later on we were told that bloggers are allowed to take pictures. PFFTS AT GYM! I hid my camera for the first quater. ISH!


T_T blur! 5D is hard to use! *blames it on the camera eventhough it is awesome. well, I have no skill =(*

JJ was saying something like “we guys don’t hug each other! we back-to-back” something to replace hugs in his sense. how cute <3.


pix without watermark are from Natalie =D

Gym was saying that there is this little boy in this meet and greet session and JJ looked at him and the first thing he spotted was, their similarity in clothes! both wore blue striped button down with black vest. HOW CAN THERE BE SUCH COINCIDENCE! it was truly a JJ day! <3.

and because the little boy was too shy to pose, JJ imitated the little boy’s poses. oh so cute T_T.


“I’ve gotten more good looking!” that is true. <3.

when Gym announced that we could as JJ questions, they (the other bloggers) suggested that I ask “would you date/marry me?!” or something similar to that sort. *shy*. I agreed on it. =X. but, as minutes pass I figured it’s the most paiseh thing. so I figured out another question.

I wanted to ask a question so I could actually “talk” to him. HAHAHHA. *chokes*


“would you like to have an english album?”

his answers at first were in mandarin but I could only get 20% of it. either he’s speaking too fast, it was too deep or I was just too mesmerized by him T___T. so I looked at him blankly and he re-say it in english! YAYS. =3. he is so sweet.

he said that it would depend on his company and his free time because right now he is only dominating on the Asian market.

but I believe he could make it international. he’s an angel! I mean, he sound EXACTLY like one. once there was this cafe singer that sounded similar to JJ and I had this 5seconds crush on him because he sounded like JJ. but he isn’t JJ, so =(.


everybody in our group had already agreed on letting me stand beside him. but I can just blame myself for not having to ask somebody in front to help me take a picture earlier. =(. so I was late . Tzia was already next to him and it might seem like she doesn’t like JJ if she would have opened up her slot to me ba. =(.

I told him things like ” you’ve got the voice of an angel! I love you! since 8 years ago! and still is! ” and Vvens and Nat got embarrassed =(. but it was true! it is okay to erm admit your feelings to your idol. =D.

T______________T. I liked him for 8 years wuwuwuwu. but I GOT A PICTURE WITH HIM! what can I demand more?! =3.

I first heard him on the TV (it was this addiction to MTV era where MTV would occasionally play chinese songs. there is where I got to know about Z Chen too.) and when I heard him sing, my bulu naik. it was THAT GOOD. his voice is so calm, angelic and gentle it makes you feel like you’re… drinking lemonade on a windy day on the beach. but most importantly, his voice is SPECIAL. try looking for another singer that projects the same type of feeling. it’ll be as hard as to find a penguin in Malaysia. and I have to agree with Natalie, he doesn’t sound any different from the recorded songs. unlike most singers, their live version and their recorded version could sound so different you’d think that is not their song.


Nuffnang Bloggers! <3. *Joshua’s camera*

taking pictures with a group of pretty girls makes my self esteem go down. pfft.

do let me know about all Chinese artist’s news. especially JJ. because, if I were to appear at one of his concerts, it would be by pure coincidence. like the one on 2007. I heard about him from a friend.

IMG_1014 copy

so I dug my friend list to get a pair of tickets. and it was all worth it. <3.


and that’s his signed album I was holding!


the perfect Lin Jun Jie’s dimple picture. <3.  HE IS AWESOME. and spot Vvens with him. =P.

if I am her, I would crop the picture and replicate it and put it as my wallpaper >=D!


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13 years ago

LOL~ Vivien just stand next to JJ, she must be very happy that time.
Love JJ’s dimples… so cute!! XD

13 years ago

hahahahahahaha. wth you. haha. yes, i did sigh once i read your title before i started to read the first line! LOL. and your post is so detailed you mentioned those un-needed; like which part of us looked like couple. pfft. i think getting the name signed is a little more practical leh T_T