[Seoul: Edae] Shopping Heaven

although Seoul is quite an affordable place to shop at, most things are pretty (to me, VERY.) expensive especially if you shop at malls liek Doota and so on. other than Dongdaemun, the alternative choice is Edae. I’ve previously blogged about Edae briefly but I would like to focus more on this one super crowded lane in Edae.

I went there about 5 and it was REALLY REALLY crowded.

IMG_7506 copy

like this. on your way walking to Ewha Univ. there is a smaller lane on the left with a lot of people. and there is where you should start your shopping adventure. Continue reading “[Seoul: Edae] Shopping Heaven”

having my image consulted!

I bet those who have seen my recent facebook profile picture would wonder where I went or what I had done. so here’s it.

a few weeks ago, Michelle from Nuffnang called me to ask if I was interested in an image consultant program. and without giving a second thought, I said YES!  so much for being a blogger, I have really low self esteem. it’ll take some time to overcome it. but Ana’s words were really influential, you’d just have to talk to her.


our group meeting. it was really cool because there was this VIP place TANGS had for their VIP guests where none of us knew about and it was perfect for our little meeting there. Continue reading “having my image consulted!”