August: Food, Bukchon, Food, M.Net.

my title pretty much sums up my whole post for today. since I am having my exams soon so I have not been going out T_T. hence I will need to blog about stuff that are way overdue where I’ve been saving them as fillers anyway. =D. on August, my best friend, Megumi came to visit! I was so glad because we hadn’t met since March when we graduated T_T. she left right after our graduation ceremony le sigh.

IMG_3873 copy

we went for Japanese food after a few rounds of Korean food. the silliest thing is that Megumi insisted on going for Fukuoka food when she’s from Fukuoka! because I love the restaurant and she wanted to have Japanese food with me since we’ve never had it together before. but she said it’s good even for a Fukuokan standard so no regrets haha. Continue reading “August: Food, Bukchon, Food, M.Net.”

Veritas – 1

like Yonsei and Korea University’s YonGoJeon, or GoYonJeon, we had our own Veritas-1 where Sungkyunkwan, Hanyang and Sogang battles among each other. except ours are much more of a smaller scale since it is our first time and also only the business school took part in it.

this took part some where in May during the Buddha’s Birthday. hence why I missed most of it (I went to the temple!) and got there just in time to see the performances. well, I paid for it so I might as well just go see their concert =D.

IMG_3389 copy

first up, we had 10cm! I am a BIG fan of 10cm. they sang “Americano” by the way, which was a real hit in Korea. always being compared to Busker Busker, these folks were always quite sensitive when they hear about Busker Busker hahaha. it was my 2nd time seeing them as I saw them once (VERY NEAR!!!) for the Media Faculty’s graduation concert. =D. Continue reading “Veritas – 1”

Pyeong Chang Special Olympic Games & Snow K-POP Festival

just a week ago I was here in Pyeongchang as it is near Seorak Mountain. but before I blog about my school trip to Seorak Mountain, I would like to share a little bit with you about this fabulous event held in a famous Ski Resort, Alpensia Resort. I thought I was at another country.

IMG_1037 copy

the scenic view in Pyeongchang. mmmm. travelling 3 hours here was definitely worth it. but it’s just such a pity that we didn’t get to go to the beach this time. Continue reading “Pyeong Chang Special Olympic Games & Snow K-POP Festival”

SBS Inkigayo! SBS 인기가요!


I was lucky enough to get my tickets for Inkigayo (famous for being super difficult to get. but because this time they give priority to tourists that’s why I got it.) thanks to KTO (Korea Tourism Organization). lucky I applied from 2 different sites at least I got one U_U. it starts at 3something but I was there since 1pm. and to my surprise, I live only 10 minutes away from the CJ Entertainment and SBS building by bus.

IMG_9387 copy

they are really systematic. you gotta even line up according to your ticket number. Continue reading “SBS Inkigayo! SBS 인기가요!”

Carlsberg “Where’s the Party?”

IMG_3910 copy

the famous beer in an attractive green bottle has yet to come out with another amazing party after the previous at Sepang Gold Coast was such a success! I heard they got their own chalet! party non stop for 2 days!

but this is the first time I attended Carlsberg’s “where’s the party?” so I was really curious on where the location was!

Continue reading “Carlsberg “Where’s the Party?””

MO.A Concert. Miss A, B1A4, F(x), Super Junior!

Since I don’t know which group to start with so I’ll go according to the sequence of how they came out for the concert. I was pretty late so I only heard 2 songs performed by Miss A. they were really beyond my expectations. great voice, really. I didn’t like their songs so much but when they sang it live it was actually really nice!

IMG_3515 copy

don’t Faye Jia look like she’s shooing Suzy to the back? EHEHE, just saying =D. Continue reading “MO.A Concert. Miss A, B1A4, F(x), Super Junior!”

F(x) and Super Junior’s Fan Meeting

NOTE TO ALL : I am not the type of crazy kpop fan that would make a cardboard or hold up some banners or whatsoever. I just enjoy some of their songs and I love their talent. again, I am not a crazy fan. I am just a fan that sits down calmly and enjoy. fuh. there was some girls (about the age of 15?) whom had waited at the hotel for B1A4 (a very new group. the members of people around my age, and younger. and yes, B1A4 have more fansgirls waiting at the hotel compared to Super Junior. but SuJu pawned them at the concert =D. I guess SuJu fans are much more grown up that’s why. hehe.) SINCE 7AM. mad. I know. they could have used the time to do something much more beneficial than to wait outside for THE WHOLE DAY just to catch a GLIMPSE of their favourite stars. “I’ll give my whole day for your 3 seconds, even if you don’t notice me wth.” that is what’s in their mind I guess =S. and you know what’s their reaction after seeing them? well, I so coincidentally saw B1A4 while walking around waiting for the fan meeting HAHAHAHA. okay, their reaction was… “OH MY GOD DID YOU SEE OMG OMG OMG OMG HE PAST BY OH SO HOT…… bla bla bla…. TODAY IS LIKE A DREAM!”


I would like to say a BIG THANK YOU to Vivien aka vvens for the passes for the press conference!

I was already dreading on not being able to see Nichkhun and Chansung live. not that I am a big fan of 2PM, but I just love Nichkhun and Chansung. okay? teehee. it’s alright for not seeing them perform but I really wanted to meet them. same goes to f(x). but when it comes to Super Junior. that’s a different case. read on to understand why ahhaha.

IMG_3094 copy Continue reading “F(x) and Super Junior’s Fan Meeting”

Brian Joo & Alexander Lee @ 3rd Wave


okay enough hahah. I don’t know who’s Alexander actually. I only shoke his hand to show off to my friends who loves him if I have any.

BUT I LOVE BRIAN JOO AHHHH. though I thought he was a little tired =S.


it’s a Christian Event. it’s a concert which at the same time try to promote Christianity though idolism. I am quite happy being Buddhist where I am born to. but for the atheist around, it’s really not bad ;). I think that everyone should have a religion; any religion which teaches you good things will do. Continue reading “Brian Joo & Alexander Lee @ 3rd Wave”


FUH. finally I had access to my blog. T_T. sorry I guess it was server maintenance! anyways! MTV WORLDSTAGE was last Sunday. sucks to be you if you’ve missed it =P. but you still haven’t missed your chance to experience MTV WORLDSTAGE ON TV!! it’s recorded in 3D by the way and it’ll be played on Aug 8th at MIDNIGHT!


Natelie! <3. it was really sunny that day and we were there at.. 3? U_U. it’s a wonder why are we not roasted yet. hurr look at Nat’s sun burnt arm T_T. Continue reading “MTV WORLDSTAGE 2011!!!”