we were entertained by a few performances that night. songs and dances.

US =D. I just love Feeq’s fisheye. it’s awesome on how it can fit so many people.

some of the Silat performance. perhaps the most interesting one. seeing kids fight against each other is really pretty entertaining xD.

lunch and breakfast! we had food they brought back from some kenduri (malay ceremonies) for lunch. they had RAISINS in the rice. very interesting, never had rice like that before. and it is YUMMY! for breakfast, we had nasi goreng kampung, which is the best nasi goreng/fried rice I’ve ever had. I think I shall start ordering nasi goreng at mamaks. =P. alongside with some curry puff, kuih and milo =D.

early that morning we went over to the padi field and we actually learned how to SKIN RICE. =P. in the traditional way, which is said to be better because we won’t lose the nutrients at the end of each rice. rice processed by factories have already lost these nutrients they said.

that long plank of wood is INDEED very heavy. and it is not an easy thing to do, requires skill to hit on the rice. if not, your rice will run EVERYWHERE!

before and after. =D.

and later on, we went to the GOATS PLACE!

I’ve never knew, goat have weird pupil. it’s long and it’s horizontal. like a rotated version of an evil cat eye. it’s like.. a horizontal line.

the beauty of life — my first time experiencing the birth of.. the birth! I have never even seen hamster give birth pfft. it’s really wonderful despite all gooey things. those gooey things don’t seem gooey anymore!

MEEEEEHHH. baby kids are super cute when the MEH. =P.

mother eating (I KNOW, IMAGINE YOU EAT) the placenta on her baby’s body. damn loving moment awww. but don’t you do that if not the doctor die of shock. =D.

have no idea what this is >_>”. I was wondering, maybe an empty placenta omg. maybe there was an extra egg fertilized by some ant’s sperm and this is what it produced. ok perhaps ants don’t have sperms. dunno lah!

lastly, MY FOSTER MOM : THE GREAT COOK! she already have 12 grandchildren. oldest one is as old as me. maybe she should be called my foster grandma T_T. but she is very nice and funny. =D. I like listening to grandma stories. mm.

great experience really, to all who don’t have a kampung, you should really consider joining this! and I am waiting for another kampung homestay to come about, hope it’ll be some chinese/hakka/nonya one or something! would love to learn more about my own heritage =X. I am not nonya, just saying. =D. 100% Hakka. how often do you find that?!

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