I bet those who have seen my recent facebook profile picture would wonder where I went or what I had done. so here’s it.

a few weeks ago, Michelle from Nuffnang called me to ask if I was interested in an image consultant program. and without giving a second thought, I said YES!  so much for being a blogger, I have really low self esteem. it’ll take some time to overcome it. but Ana’s words were really influential, you’d just have to talk to her.


our group meeting. it was really cool because there was this VIP place TANGS had for their VIP guests where none of us knew about and it was perfect for our little meeting there.


clothes Ana personally picked for us! she previously had us do some little homework on polyvore.com to know about our personal preferences and picked something similar but more daring from what we chose.


she had personally met each and every one of us before the group meeting to get to know about us more. at the same time, she taught us about colours, clothes, our own body and what is the best for us.

it was really fun to find our about your skin colour! I had NEVER knew that we had other colours other than being our own race! and to my surprise, I am a cold colour (blue). =P. and there, I noticed that I really look my worst in orange. they are direct complimentary colours! if you know what I am talking about =X.

okay nevermind, let me explain a bit =P. I take up colour studies so I guess my explanation would be fine. you see, in a colour wheel, you’d get 12 colours which consists of red, yellow and blue at the three points which are divided equally. and a complimentary colour means the colour that opposes the colour you picked. so if I’m a blue, the colour that opposes would be a 50-50 mixture of red and yellow, which is an ORANGE!

ehehe =D.


I had no idea that clothes had something to do with our naturally born body shape. and the tips she gave is really good. I remembered Robb complimented that I was thinner when I was actually fatter when I wore high waisted skirt! =P. and high waisted skirt is probably the best for my body shape hehe. it’s like an OPTICAL ILLUSION. does wonders.


and really, big chunky necklaces ain’t as bad as I thought they’d be. =P. I thought I looked horrible with necklaces. =X.

just if you were wondering why I was so pale in the pictures. I had slight stomach ache from PMS on that day. inevitable. T_T. tough being a girl ey!


I really like Ana, she’s very easy to get along with and you’d feel that you can tell her about anything because she could really give some good advices on it. in fact, I think one of her advises is already proven right. she said that we could do it as long as we believe and go for it.

I’m born weak. I have something wrong with my blood. hahaha. as I’ve told. and I’d faint whenever I am not training constantly. but last week, I kept telling myself that I can do it, and I actually went hiking without feeling very exhausted. usually, I’d pant like nobody’s business. hehehe.


Ana and I! okay, there’s this thing I really really admire about her. the first time I met her, I thought she’s probably a bit older than my sister. until….. she told me she could be my mom. and that’s where I got totally shell shocked. she really created the best example in upkeeping oneself. looking 20 years younger is really something amazing!



all of us! minus Vivien who was working =(.

there’s Yatz, Rebecca, Huai Bin, Jason, Iza and Thomas!


firstly, each and every one of us would try all the clothes Ana had picked for us and we would have something like a meeting. except we were all discussing about each others clothes, where we could wear it to, how long we can keep it, how often we would wear. seriously, I had just learned that we should think about all these points and divide the price by the number of times we would wear and see how good of an investment it would be.

every shopaholic would really need to know this. hehe. and what I’ve found out was, pieces that are simple could be REAL GOOD INVESTMENTS. you could mix and match it with almost ANYTHING. those black peep-toes was at least worn with 4 of the outfits there!

just in case you want to know where to get what I was wearing on top^.
all of them could be purchased from Tangs (Pavilion).

grey skirt pants, white shirt, dresses : Tangs + Co.
all accessories (bangles) : Island Shop
black peep-toe and striped shoe : Studio
black flats : Martina Pink


one of my favourite dress of the day! it actually made me look thinner. hahaha. it’s an OPTICAL ILLUSION! heh heh. the cloth was very soft and the cutting is PURRR-FECT! and if you would like some advise, especially if you’re shopping alone, do note that TANGS provides PERSONAL FASHION STYLING services. =D.

I picked a dinner dress to be my makeover dress. I really like that one, it’s very… me. READ ON TO SEE IT!

shall we look at the others too?

IMG_9606 copy

TADA! Ana is very witty in playing with clothes. she had those skinny ones wear a t-shirt inside to erm.. add extra volume to the body hehe =P. see? Thomas looked less panjang here. =D.

IMG_9605 copy

Huai Bin! who claim that I am very young pfft. which is true. hehe.

he actually looked really good with those fitting pants! it made him have really nice butt. EVERYONE DISCUSSED ABOUT IT OKAY, I did not purposely look at his butt. haha. I thought he was more of those rocker kind of person with those tattoos and piercings, but he could really pull it off with the bow tie! in fact, it made him look younger. though it reminded me a bit of Tom, as in Tom from Tom and Jerry. xD.


these two skinny ones had identical tops. and coincidentally, the walls were the same colour with their tops! and when you inverse the both of them, this is what you’d get! =P.


this is why we bloggers are so fun. hehehe.


we spent half a day there, and of course, refreshments were served! I’ve always walked pass the Island Shop, but never had the chance to try their food. and THAT was our chance! aren’t you salivating already? they served deliciously healthy food! I said healthy because the fried stuff weren’t at all oily and the grilled chicken’s all breast meat.

AND THE DRINK. the drink. I loved it. so much. I think it’s italian soda with raspberry. not sure. but it’s soooooooooo tasty. a few days later I went to a western restaurant and ordered the same thing but it tasted like medicine T_T.

after that, we had our MAKEOVER. gosh. I did a mini make over for my best friend a few years ago because we just wanted to have fun and now I actually got true makeovers by professionals! xD.


Huai Bin getting his hair styled smartly to match his Korean Hallyu star clothing.

call me biased or anything similar; I liked Huai Bin’s outfit the most just because it looked Korean! =D=D=D=D=D!!!


pretty Michelle with her awesome dress from Bangkok. I WANT TO SHOP AT BANGKOK TOOOOOO T______T.


this shot’s blur. but it’s very nice. =X. it looked like I paused some tv show hehe.


I hoped I had make up done first because the lighting at the hair styling table was so awesome T_T.

that’s my dress!


but not bad also lah, I looked very clean without make up haha. xD. Sharon was so pro she curled my buttock-length hair in less than 15 minutes! would take my mom at least 30 minutes usually. Ana commented that Sharon COMMUNICATES with hair. I couldn’t agree more!


VOILA! and THAT’S my dress from Daniel Yam! it’s all satin, by the way. I really liked all these bright colours. they make me feel happy. xD!


recording our testimonials =D. *points* look at that shy face! /shy/

by the way, I had make up on already in this picture!


closer look of my make up done by Ana. it was really fun having her to do my make up because she was half teaching me hehehe.


while waiting others to get done with their make up and hair. we were being silly with Michelle and Fresh xD.


more pictures of silly Thomas & co.



TADAH! all of us AFTER our make over together with the two fabulous people that did the makeover, Ana and Sharon.


# take two!


thank you TANGS!

RM50 voucher to shop at Tangs. is already going there this weekend with my family to use it! >=).

IMG_9786 copy

I thought I was special enough to be known as the little girl who camwhores with the big black DSLR. ( or at least, started the trend among the people I know! )

I salute Nasri. he’ll be the trendsetter of all videographers! =P.


WackyBecky striking a sexy pose! she loved her dress so much. I love it too, except it doesn’t match my age so much. T_T. but it’s so pretty!


hello, I’m your human-sized birthday present. pull the ribbons to open me. wth. HAHAHA. just joking. =D.

I felt really lucky that Ana picked me for this review. she is just so amazing.

she offers Image Consulting services to anyone who’s interested. be it for one person or one group of person at one go. to contact her :

Her Blog : http://ana-consultancy.blogspot.com/

Her Facebook Page

once again,
Thank You Ana, Sharon, Catherine, Ee Ping, Sue Ann & Wesley (from TANGS)

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Tan Yee Hou
13 years ago

Ahem excuse me I think I know who is the one who taught you how to camwhore with an SLR.

13 years ago

Herro Cow! except the person who taught me doesn’t camwhore. HEH HEH.

13 years ago

LOL at myself! hahahahahahah nice session!!

13 years ago

I like the last photo — human-sized birthday present XD