as you Malaysians might have known (or, should at least know by now?) Celcom has the widest coverage, best network quality and has one of the best customer services in Asia. and other than that? famous for it’s forever so affordable packages and rates but at the same time giving you the most luxurious plans in town. and did you know? TODAY is the launch of the iPhone4 plan for Celcom.

and now, I would like to announce that, THE WHITE iPHONE4 IS IN TOWN too.


all hail the white queen! you’re probably the first few to get the white iPhone4 in Malaysia if you get it today! image playing games on your white iPhone. everybody would turn to look.

*limited stocks! GET IT QUICK!


okay, so most of you might wonder, WHY Celcom launched it so late. and their answer is, they saved the BEST FOR THE LAST! because their deals are so great, you can’t deny it.


launching of the iPhone4 earlier today. it was so merry!


MC of the day!

I stand next to a pregnant lady and I still look so much fatter. horror of my life. but Daphne Iking is the prettiest (and hottest!) mum I’ve ever seen!


the sexy white iPhone4s. I want T_T. and you know what’s the perks of being there at the launch?


all our jaws literally dropped. all of us were so shocked we were.. just very shocked. X__X.

teehee. so sorry you’re not at the launch. =P. but it is okay, without getting one free, the deals are already very worthy! =P.



the two gorgeous sisters, Jane and Ashley who were busy texting away on their phones. they prove how important smartphones are to this generation!


Fresh, Michelle and Cindy! they all wore the XPAX colour! hahaha. all of us have very satisfying phones but we were all so tempted to get this plan. regret. sigh.

okay, so, why you should get yours in Celcom?

first, you’d get 12 MONTHS EXTRA warranty (that makes it 24 months!) for all 24 months contract.

second, the FEEE 12 months INSURANCE (Celcom is the first telco to offer free insurance coverage for its iPhone customers!) and that applies to all i248plan.

third, FREE : data up to 6GB, calls within network up to 6000 minutes, sms and mms to ALL NETWORKS.

forth, low upfront payment

fifth, less entry barrier.

it’s really hard to count. you’d just have to take a look at the packages!

celcom iphone4 rates

visit for more information =).


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Christopher Tockc
13 years ago

Should have bought mah, one i give you as birthday present 😀

kamarihi bin bunsu
kamarihi bin bunsu
13 years ago

berminat iphone4 rm248