[Shinagawa: Yokohama] Yokohama and the HUGE FERRIS WHEEL!

Yokohama was in between Tokyo and Kamakura and I JUST HAD TO STOP BY. what’s awful about winter is that it gets dark early so when I was at Yokohama at about 5pm it was already dark. something like our 7.30 here.

IMG_5605 copy

I just love how discipline all Japanese people are. they automatically form a line. Continue reading “[Shinagawa: Yokohama] Yokohama and the HUGE FERRIS WHEEL!”

[Tokyo: Asakusa] Asahi Beer Hall

one of the few famous things I’ve known before actually planning to travel to Tokyo was this. the Asahi Beer Building. or, in a cheeky way named the golden poop. (황금똥! ㅋㅋㅋㅋ. 유진의 아빠 세 엄마 하나 봤어요?)

it’s so famous because it’s the only picture my friend whom returned from Tokyo showed me when I was still in secondary school.

IMG_7611 copy

anyhow, these 3 buildings are a perfect combination. especially with the golden poop! =3.  the blue skies compliment the buildings so perfectly, this is a spot not to be missed if you were going to visit Asakusa Temple. because it’s just a few footsteps away. DON’T BE LAZY. Continue reading “[Tokyo: Asakusa] Asahi Beer Hall”

[Tokyo: Asakusa] The Famous Asakusa Temple

I went to Asakusa on the last day of my trip. Asakusa was the most touristy spot I’ve been so far in Tokyo, but it wasn’t disappointing at all. it’s worth the visit. very worth.


just in case you were wondering, I stayed in Hotel Horidome Villa which is located near the Kanda JR Station. but you might wanna google map everything and DRAW your own map if you are keen on walking from Kanda Station because it’s about 1km+ far. but if you arrive/depart not on some odd hours, you can directly take a private line to Kodenmacho. Continue reading “[Tokyo: Asakusa] The Famous Asakusa Temple”

[Tokyo] Tokyo DisneySEA Part II!

what did I say about DisneySea being a total fab place for photography?

it summed up to 1k pictures from a day. mad? not to mention I wasted 2 hours queuing up for rides. which were a total waste of time because it.. wasn’t good. at all. I heard from my friends studying in Japan that Tower of Terror is worth it though. =D.

IMG_6567 copy

welcome to Venice! I liked this part the most. but I didn’t have enough time to walk through it all. but basically there’s a mad mad mad queue just for getting on the boat. =S. great thing is that it’s totally Venice feeling because they hired people who would sing and also row the boat. Continue reading “[Tokyo] Tokyo DisneySEA Part II!”

[Tokyo] DisneySea is beyond phenomenal.

if you only had a choice of 1 theme park to go in Tokyo. I’d strongly recommend DisneySea. not that Disneyland isn’t nice. but it’s more for the kids….? while DisneySea is for the bigger kids.

IMG_6096 copy

they always have a globe! but believe me this same scene is breath taking at night. and those fairytale building behind? well, you’d think that you are lost somewhere in Europe! Continue reading “[Tokyo] DisneySea is beyond phenomenal.”

[Shinagawa: Kamakura] Kamakura Streets to Kencho-ji Temple

Kencho-ji Temple is one of the hugest temples there but it ain’t exactly the hugest. nor is it the most popular. what I can say is, the number of temples and shrines in Kamakura will definitely exceed 20. and if you really want to enjoy the scenery of each temple you’d probably only get to 3 maximum per day on a chilly winter day.

so from Engaku-ji Temple, we followed the maps around in search for more temples.


we crossed the railway tracks right outside Engaku-ji Temple and headed left. Continue reading “[Shinagawa: Kamakura] Kamakura Streets to Kencho-ji Temple”

[Shinagawa: Kamakura] Engaku-ji Temple

while on the plane, we met a fellow Malaysian who recommended us to go to the countryside to have a look at the amazing temples. wasn’t sure but we were told that there were dozens of them at that whole area. and the Japanese lady who was working in Kamakura told us that even 2 days would be merely enough to enjoy all the beautiful temples and shrines in Kamakura.

IMG_4974 copy

890yen for a one way ticket to Kita-Kamakura from Shinagawa Station. that’s like 34ringgit holy cow! Continue reading “[Shinagawa: Kamakura] Engaku-ji Temple”

[Tokyo: Shinjuku] THE LOCK UP

good thing about having a friend your age overseas is that they know all the cool hang out spots and also, the most special places.

I was very keen on wanting to look for perhaps some maid cafe or a place with those sort of cutesy decoration. but my friend, Sherlyn had a better idea because those are pretty old school now. so she then asked me, would you like to dine in a haunted jail??


and that’s where we went hunting for the cafe. Shinjuku is pretty big and complex and getting there would probably be a problem if you don’t know the place well. because.. Continue reading “[Tokyo: Shinjuku] THE LOCK UP”