what did I say about DisneySea being a total fab place for photography?

it summed up to 1k pictures from a day. mad? not to mention I wasted 2 hours queuing up for rides. which were a total waste of time because it.. wasn’t good. at all. I heard from my friends studying in Japan that Tower of Terror is worth it though. =D.

IMG_6567 copy

welcome to Venice! I liked this part the most. but I didn’t have enough time to walk through it all. but basically there’s a mad mad mad queue just for getting on the boat. =S. great thing is that it’s totally Venice feeling because they hired people who would sing and also row the boat.

IMG_6565 copy

phenomenal view. I’ll give 100 stars to whomever who designed the whole place. absolutely fab.

IMG_6497 copy

FAB! <3.


IMG_6513 copy

they didn’t only hire people who can sing. but they also hired HOT GUYS! *salivates* and they’d greet each other when their boats passes by.

IMG_6504 copy

beautiful city they built T_T. even though it ain’t too big; the place. but it’s really breath taking.


IMG_6535 copy

rare picture with mommy!

IMG_6501 copy

but going in winter, you’d have to take your pictures fast, because it’ll get dark very quickly T_T.

IMG_6514 copy

my mom’s a poser queen. everybody should know that if they’ve read my Singapore posts.

but she HAD TO force her daughter to be like her even though her daughter didn’t inherit her genes.

IMG_6521 copy

well, here’s my shot. *shy*.

IMG_6541 copy

this is more like my style heh. though a little boring. =D.

IMG_6573 copy

I really wanted to spend my whole day at this spot T_T. it’s so pretty.

IMG_6586 copy

met this cosplayer with 3 HUGE DISNEYSEA TEDDIES. mad. MADDD. I wonder if she’s a worker there. 1 teddy that huge = RM400. uh huh. wait, I think the RM400 ones ain’t even THAT big.

IMG_6977 copy

it’s this big. but they are so cute and fluffy! T_T.

IMG_7003 copy

they had to pay attention to every single detail in DisneySea. and because of that, they are super fab.

IMG_6970 copy

more teddy bears!

IMG_6601 copy

LOOK! I met my favourite GOOFY!! I used to like Goofy so much that I goof like him haha. I like to imitate his goofy talks =P.

IMG_6605 copy

completely unaware of who he is and what he does but he ass banged me. sounds utterly wrong D=. LOOKS EVEN MORE WRONG.

IMG_6606 copy

and later I got it. he meant, we shall both as bang. D=.

IMG_6602 copy

here are some girls with super adorable clothes! more reasons to love Japan. there are more hot guys compared to girls in Japan, I swear. hate to say this, but MORE THAN KOREA TOOOO.  but most of them looked so macho I don’t dare to take their picture T_T.

IMG_6627 copy

another town. very Mediterranean. and very pretty as well T_T. look at those details!!

IMG_6646 copy

it was winter so it wasn’t supposed to have flowers. there weren’t actually any places with lots of flowers in Tokyo at that time but they somehow made it happen! and allll over. <3.

IMG_6675 copy

they have ze best popcorn. mine’s black pepper popcorn. who knew that black pepper and popcorn could ever make such a good combination?! there were strawberry popcorn and chocolate popcorn too!


IMG_6681 copy

the only place with pink Sakura’s!!! it was so satisfying. I could just look at them all day.

IMG_6689 copy

aren’t they beautiful?

IMG_6729 copy

next, ARIEL’S TOWN! under the sea~ under the sea~

IMG_6744 copy

this area is more for the kids though. hence the colours. haha.

IMG_6763 copy

Japanese people are really friendly. they asked me if I could help them take a picture and I asked them if I could take a picture with them! =D.

IMG_6749 copy

strawberry popcorn.

IMG_6751 copy

let’s travel to Alibabaland.

IMG_6757 copy

it’s Morocco! or Turkey or something D=. ALIBABALAND.

IMG_6777 copy


IMG_6786 copy

konichiwa. watashiwa japanesegirl-des. *chokes*




look at that magic carpet ride queue! tsk tsk. queues in there are really unbearable =S.


walking towards Aladdin’s home. =D.


once again, THE DETAILS ARE FAB!!

it would be nice bouncing on those cloth shades like how Aladdin did. heh.

IMG_6838 copy

got lost looking for Aladdin’s home so I gave up.

IMG_6854 copy

I think there are rides here too but closed at that time =S.

wonder why my pictures in this post are so edited/overexposed/underexposed? =/.

IMG_6863 copy

because this is how it’s REALLY like.



IMG_6832 copy

mom told me to sit on the camel but I was afraid I might break it. (.____________.)

IMG_6870 copy

the shore! now don’t this look like the U.S.?

IMG_6887 copy

the HOOGAHOOGALAND! and the hooga hooga roller coaster.

IMG_6889 copy

and that hooga hooga mayan pyramid building looks very fab at night <3.

IMG_6890 copy

lets proceed to COWBOYLAND!

IMG_6894 copy

another beautiful spot.

IMG_6898 copy

it was so cold. and we were so hungry so we just settled our tummies while avoiding those mad strong wind in this cowboy hut.

IMG_6899 copy

okay, a little too big to be called a hut. haha.

IMG_6908 copy

I like how they serve different food according to the theme of the place. and in this place, they serve Mexican food. the pita was soooooooo good. and for the tiniest slice of pita I’ve ever had. it costs RM30+. =S.

there were plenty of fresh bouncy prawns though. the prawns were literally bouncing!

IMG_6936 copy

TITANICLAND! that ship is a restaurant by the way. huge restaurant.

IMG_6932 copy

look at the wind! girls (and guys), a tip for you will be.. REMEMBER TO BRING VASELINE LIP BALM. it helps tremendously. I didn’t bring lip balm for my Japan trip and I my lips were cracking so bad. my skin too T_T. those cold and DRY wind were awful.

IMG_6913 copy

night view for the Mediterranean town. <3.

IMG_6924 copy

u see those 3 arches? there’s where they drop your.. elevator from.

IMG_6944 copy

I must get back to DisneySea one day JUST TO RIDE ON THIS RIDE. do not repeat my mistake. as you arrive, HEAD STRAIGHT FOR THE TOWER OF TERROR and GET YOUR EXPRESS PASS. because after 2pm you won’t be able to use them anymore.

IMG_6945 copy


IMG_6948 copy

one of these costs around RM40. I have that Arial one. but I lost it. NOOOOOOO. T________T.

IMG_6956 copy

maybe because the Japanese Yen is really high. everybody shopped as if it was some big sale T___T. but for me, I thought I was walking through some luxurious shops. RM50 for a box of biscuits is too much for me. I’d rather have Famous Amos T_T.

IMG_6955 copy

boxes like those. I tried them before. they are really good. but for that few, they are really not too worth it IMO.

IMG_6960 copy copy

now THIS is worth it. hehehehehe. I always let go of my goal on saving more money when it comes to hair accessories.

IMG_6959 copy

well.. maybe not on mini hair accessories. which aren’t for the hair.


the bigger hair accessory. that actually fits. hehe =P.

IMG_6963 copy

awwwwww. one day I’ll come here with my other half and I’ll make him buy me these! >=(.

IMG_6964 copy


this was some total epic picture.

my mom and I were literally gawking at this super matching couple whom looked really adorable. the guy had that band on his neck so it would look like a bow tie and a tiny sequined bow on his hair. the girl had a very adorable minnie mouse cape on her. they both look SO PERFECT; handsome and gorgeous. my mom insisted I go ask them for a picture. but I think it’s very rude because they’re dating T_T. so.. I pretended to take a picture and hence this picture. HEHEHEH.

awesome stalker.

and after we took this picture I pulled my mom and marched out of the shop quickly. =P.

IMG_6965 copy

every art on the wall’s so perfect.

IMG_7070 copy

and the 9pm fireworks! wasn’t as good as I expected but it was good. =D.

my lesson : never expect too much.



I kid about those Alibabaland and Ariel’s town alright. hahaha. so these are what they are really called. =).

looks small. but isn’t small AT ALL.


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cahya indah
12 years ago

ohh those pictures are so inviting..I waannnnnttt to go there. I love the Arabian Coast, colors attract me the most. But I want to see and take picture of every single thing there. Feeling envious of you. Haha

12 years ago

what kind of camera did you use?

12 years ago

Once u pay for entrance fee. Any other fees for the rides?

Zhi Shan
11 years ago

hey! great post here. mind to share how much did you spent here? thanks!