good thing about having a friend your age overseas is that they know all the cool hang out spots and also, the most special places.

I was very keen on wanting to look for perhaps some maid cafe or a place with those sort of cutesy decoration. but my friend, Sherlyn had a better idea because those are pretty old school now. so she then asked me, would you like to dine in a haunted jail??


and that’s where we went hunting for the cafe. Shinjuku is pretty big and complex and getting there would probably be a problem if you don’t know the place well. because..

IMG_4847 copy

this is all you’d see on the streets. it’s at level 5. therefore…

IMG_4845 copy

yeap I know totally don’t look like an entry to a very weird jail restaurant/bistro.

also, getting to the place wouldn’t be a problem if you had found the red light district, Kabuki-cho’s entrance. say, you’re directly facing Kabuki-cho. right in front, face-to-face, then you’d have to go to your right. if you can, look up because you’d be able to find The Lock Up’s sign board too =D. but it wasn’t too obvious as I’ve remembered.

(a part of my pictures from the compact camera is gone because it got stolen T_T.)


stepping out of the lift, you’d find yourself in a whole new world. there’s a flight of stairs in this really dark place. it really brings the mood up. it looks far scarier without the flash hahaa.


and upon reaching I think you have to put your hand through that hole on the left. they’d do something to scare you but oh well, BRINGS OUT THE MOOD! then the door will be opened =D.


locking us up so that we could be brought to our “cells”.


the cells!!


really, it can only fit one fat person. just like the cells! but instead of making it really jail-like, they made it more like a fantasy jail. =D. which is much more special.


being locked up. it’s not spacious. at all. the cell doors open just for you to slip into your seats haha. but there are bigger rooms for the bigger group. ours were more special though =P.


and oh, when the neon lights were on, the drawing behind had neon paint on its hair! and what’s so crazy about it is they painted the transparent neon paint out of the frame as well! you get what I mean? it’s hair. elongated to the walls!  it’s really really witty!

too bad it couldn’t be caught on camera pfft. was really dark. read on to know about the neon lights =D.


the menu! each person MUST order one drink even if you do not eat. and the cheapest drink is about RM20 as well (around 500yen). and they serve a lot of mocktails. rather than cocktails. haha.

but I must admit, they have GREAT DRINKS. you know how usually cutesy/special looking restaurants in Malaysia always have DISGUSTING/TASTELESS food? this place, it’s totally different. it’s really really REALLY GOOD. in fact, it’s so addictive you kept wanting for more.


the soft bone chicken and.. was it cheese rice?

the soft bone chicken was THE BOMB. who knew they could turn something so simple into something SO DELICIOUS. I hate fried food but it wasn’t really oily! it is just right <3.


the awesome looking drinks! ALLLL of them tasted good. ALLLL of them. but the peach(?) one tastes particularly good. that pink one! it tasted like peach T_T. but they were all mocktails so..


AHH YUMMY!!! <3. each of us ordered something and we all shared. DELICIOUS~! <3.

note : the biscuit sticks with cheesy dips is a MUST ORDER. it is AWESOMEEEEE. THE BEST CHEESE DIP EVER. THE BEST I’VE EVER HAD! we had 2 of those and me and Sherlyn were literally eating it until not a slight stain was found!

and in the middle of having our meal, BAM! some loud music was played and the lights went off simultaneously and that’s where the NEON lights came out and you can see all the mysterious/scary/spooky drawings which looked rather ghostly on the walls. it’s ALL OVER THE WALLS.

IMG_4833 copy

at the mean time, this group of handsome guys in orange (haha!) created havoc in that narrow alley =D. they were shaking the bars and well, trying to scare us. but it was a rather fun experience!


camera wouldn’t focus when its pitch black pfft.


there were also tables for 2. but you’d be.. facing the walls. haha! every room have a different drawing though. really love their concept!

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12 years ago

Nice place I will definitly gather some friends and go over there to try it… You seems to had a lot of fun…