[Tokyo: Ebisu] Itasobakaoriya 板蕎麦 香り家

so this place which I’ve stumbled across in Ebisu while looking for a soba place, is the BEST soba place I’ve ever came across in Japan so far. I was actually around the area looking for the Ebisu illumination but decided to settle for soba instead since it’s a tradition in Japan to eat soba the night before new years (the Japanese NY is on 1.1) and it is said that you should not bite your soba as you eat and gobble it down as a whole until it is all in your mouth and then chew. all that just to live a longer life. well, no harm believing in it right? except I forgot and accidentally bit it off my first bite =X. but I followed the “rules” after that.

soba’s always been my favourite Japanese dish since I was young. although now it’s sushi, I still love soba. but to my surprise, soba in Japan does not taste quite like the soba’s I’ve had in Malaysia and Korea where it was always a little more jelly-like. instead, these buckwheat noodles called soba, are not as smooth and has a stronger buckwheat taste to it in Japan. I wasn’t very used to it the first few times but I came to enjoy it more than the ones I’ve had which I now label, the unoriginal soba.

IMG_0165 copy

I actually read about this place and it has a soaring high 3.52 in tabelog and there were comments on how people waited for this and thought it was totally worth the wait. except because I had it first on NYE I had to queue for 2 hours in the painfully cold weather. and still thought it was very worth it! they even provided us hot tea, beer (yes, BEER!) and hot packs while we were waiting in line outside! Continue reading “[Tokyo: Ebisu] Itasobakaoriya 板蕎麦 香り家”

[Osaka: Namba] MOULiN

how ironic. I told myself to devour all the Korean food since I wouldn’t be back in Korea in 2 months, but there I was, drinking Kirin. (and I also had CHINESE food for my last dinner in Korea) with a frozen poop on top. =D. yummay.

CIMG0208 copy

met up with David but that good looking American Korean friend of mine refused to let me take a picture of him so one less eye candy for you. had the Kirin beer at a place called Bee located at Itaewon if you’re wondering. great interior and ambiance by the way. Continue reading “[Osaka: Namba] MOULiN”

[Seoul: Hyehwa] PURE GOROKE (CLOSED)

because that is how 순결한 고로케 is directly translated into, PURE Goroke. goroke, or gorokke or koroke, is actually Japanese. fried on the outside and something soft and yummy on the inside. it can be cheese, goguma (sweet potato), vegetables.. you name it. it is normally round and so super delicious. I can never get enough. for a fussy person on fried food, I personally love koroke because they are usually not too oily and it is fried to perfection.

(many tourists may thing that eating Japanese food in Korea is an utter waste of time and money but believe me, this is totally going to be worth it.)

혜화/대학로 길거리에서 파는 순결한 고로케 정말로 글로 표현할 수 없는 정도로 맛있습니다!

CIMG3364 copy

say hi to Paul!!! my long time reader from Philippines whom I’ve met up with when I first came to Korea. yes I treat my readers well =D. but I am so sorry if I had recently neglected many of your emails and all because I am sitting for my finals NEXT WEEK RAWRR.

피리핀에서 온 저의 블로그 독자, 폴입니다~ Continue reading “[Seoul: Hyehwa] PURE GOROKE (CLOSED)”

[Seoul: Gwanghwamun] Yamaya

the thing about Seoul is.. there is no such thing as Yoshinoya nor Sushi Zanmai. you Malaysians should really appreciate the fact that you have Sushi Zanmai because it is so darn good. in Korea, the cheaper sushi restaurants serve sushi 10 times worst than Sushi King. with their not fresh raw fish and uncooked rice. anyway, I was so glad to have found this place in Gwanghwamun where they serve Japanese food that I’ve never even once had back in Malaysia (though it might be available as well).

IMG_3688 copy

the entrance. the location isn’t as easy to find but it is pretty near Gwanghwamun exit 1. Continue reading “[Seoul: Gwanghwamun] Yamaya”