I went to Asakusa on the last day of my trip. Asakusa was the most touristy spot I’ve been so far in Tokyo, but it wasn’t disappointing at all. it’s worth the visit. very worth.


just in case you were wondering, I stayed in Hotel Horidome Villa which is located near the Kanda JR Station. but you might wanna google map everything and DRAW your own map if you are keen on walking from Kanda Station because it’s about 1km+ far. but if you arrive/depart not on some odd hours, you can directly take a private line to Kodenmacho.

NOTE : JR-LINE IS ALWAYS CHEAPER. much cheaper. but pretty limited.


Kanda is pretty much of a business district with no attractions on walking distance. but what I love about staying there is that Yoshinoya (beef bowl fast food shop), Starbucks and McD is rather near. AND, it’s only a few stops away from the hustling and bustling towns like Akihabara, Tsukiji, Ueno, Asakusa and the list goes on. very central IMO. (definitely worth the price. small rooms, but they designed it in a way that you won’t feel it.)


what a perfect picture. blue skies, awesome lighting.. and.. closed eyes. T_T.


everything in Japan relates to Sakura.


Japan is a modern city yes. but you shouldn’t expect too much on the subways. take note that they were built like 30 years ago and they couldn’t possibly close a station just to renovate it when they cater thousands of people every minute.

if you were to compare the length of the train in Malaysia to Japan, it’s like comparing an ant to a centipede. even so, you’d probably have to squeeze your tiny body in the swarm of people during the peak hours.

I saw some people posting about how some girls got molested on public transports in Japan, but I felt it’s quite unlikely to happen. rest assured as they have women and children only carriages during those rush hours (till 9am) =D.


Japanese uncles are very helpful in taking pictures. they would even ask you if you need help in taking pictures. you can kind of say, Japanese men’s best friends are cameras. you can see old men wandering around with their DSLR during their free time.

and this uncle actually asked if we needed help to take pictures! so nice of him. they love making friends =D. they make growing old seem so fun!


FINALLY. near the temple. this is actually part of the shops linking to the Asakusa Temple.


on the way, you’d see the famous radio tower.


TADA!! Asakusa Temple is soooo easy to recognize as there’ll be a big RED lantern with many people buzzing around.


we took like 10 shots + to get ONE shot with less people =S.

heck, it ain’t even like some peak season!


and the row of shops which will attract you to spend all your money. so, remember to come here on the LAST day to avoid overspending.


every lot sells something special. be it food, clothes, souvenirs….

they are all attractive. and the price? even more attractive.


I look like a China girl here. well, my ancestors were from China. hahaha.


AHH! KIDS YUKATA! so adorable!


side alleys! (and you might just find something special there)

IMG_7289 copy

after a long stroll, finally, the temple.

what?! I got cheated too. I totally forgotten I was going to a Temple when I was busy enjoying myself munching on all those yummy food. did I tell you that I brought back half a suitcase worth of FOOD? =D.


is it me or does it looks very similar to the first entrance. big red lantern, except, taller and wider.


and the view of the long row of shops from the OTHER end.


I love blue skies.

IMG_7317 copy

initially I was very disappointed with the winter weather as it is actually my first time travelling on winter with my DSLR. note that the camera battery dies 50% faster so pack a few. don’t have any? BUY. it’ll wreck your trip if you travel halfway and the battery goes off.


super cute bunch of elementary school kids! they were doing a survey on foreigners and in exchange they’ll give out an origami. how cute <3.


when it gets too sunny, flash is pretty useful haha (SO BRING EXTRA BATTERIES!!!)

IMG_7372 copy

actually, you kind of feel the smoke with both your hands and quickly brush it over your face. that’s how everybody did it D=.

IMG_7384 copy



the ancient art. how come the humans are bigger than the buildings >=(.

quite nice actually hahaha. reminds me of Japan Life. =P.

IMG_7531 copy

pottery products have never seemed so precious until I saw these. like 4000yen for one. that’s around RM150! HOLYCOWWW.


pretty but not practical. if only my house was more empty. I could display them at the corner of my room.


if you missed Akihabara, you’d still find stuff they sell there here. not the complete range but at least a portion of it =D.


wanted one so badly. but they were so expensive. and my mom bought one from her N-years ago visit.


take it from me, just get the Tokyo Bananas. or those biscuits. those SOFT confectionery tastes completely artificial. kids might like it but I HATED IT. wasted my money. lucky I only bought 2 small boxes.


MORE SOUVENIRS!! very overpriced. =S. if you come from the US it might still be alright.


awesome snack.


I just love this picture. look at him! so concentrated!


these are already considered reasonably priced in Japan. =S.

300yen = RM12.


while my Korean friend was complaining there’s no clouds in winter, SEE!!! there is.

surprisingly, 50% of the people there were Japs!

IMG_7450 copy

sorry for the excessive peace signs. if you have a mom like mine. you’d understand. she won’t help you snap a picture unless you look happy. and her happy = peace sign. uh huh ._________.


no idea what this is. mini monument?


I wonder why did they fence the statue up like that =S. preventing it from the birds?

IMG_7480 copy

best angle to photograph someone with the attraction, says a Japanese uncle =D.


he even took my camera all the way just to take a picture of this!

now, guess that this is? =D

completely artistic.


it’s actually these. shoes.


here’s how it looks like from far =P.


crowd spotted. so I shall explore!


kids are just made to be loved.


potato confectioneries! potato tart, potato in apple.




there’s a picture of me eating it literally stuffing the whole thing into my mouth but it’s too rude to show. teehee.



IMG_7533 copy

shaded shopping.


THE FAMOUS RED BEAN FISH CAKE! I’ve always seen it in anime’s and dramas. so I went ahead to get it! and to my surprise more older people favour this.


SO MANY CHOICES! so tempted to try the chocolate and the cheese one but I wanted to try its original taste so…


this is totally the GG face. I like this fishayyyyy! =D.


this lantern cake tastes just like.. some egg cake. but very delicious! <3. just remember, DO NOT GO FOR ARTIFICIAL LOOKING STUFF. go munch up their traditional food!

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