dear readers. if you’re planning to travel to Japan soon. you’re in luck =D. if you just came back, well, you might’ve missed some really good food!


#1. SUSHI.

no matter how expensive, you must at least try to fit this into your budget.

the sushi specials.

it costs about RM80 (2000yen) for a set of 10+ sushi’s. usually including Uni (sea urchin) and Salmon Fish Roe. and best to have it at restaurants at Tsukiji. =D. do try your best at the at least 30minutes queue shop, Sushi Dai in Tsukiji Market. and yes, it means that you’d have to go early.but really, any shop there serves sushi as fresh.

NOTE : Tsukiji Market closes on WEDNESDAYS.


#2. UNI.(oo-nee)

lets say, you’re sushi set doesn’t come with uni or you had some really bad experience eating the very disgusting and bad odoured UNI. don’t let your previous bad experiences get to you. I used to dislike Uni too. it’s like eating something that had already turned bad. but the thing is. perhaps the one I ate DID turn bad as it’s not as fresh.

even at a posh Japanese Restaurant here, their uni wouldn’t taste as good as the one you’d find in Tsukiji.



#3. Shirako.

they are fish testicles. buttery and delicious. like a combination of mayo and foie gras. don’t let what it is scare you away. and it’s so heavenly I had to glow the picture. =3.


#4. Onigiri.

you might’ve seen it on anime’s before. but it isn’t just white rice with seaweed. there are a dozen flavours to choose from in Japan. and if you don’t want to spend a bomb on something that won’t fill you, you can always get the cheaper ones from any convenience store. =D.


I’ve eaten most of the onigiri’s in the convenience store because.. I pretty much bought them for supper. =P. AND LET ME WARN YOU.

DO NOT. I repeat, DO NOT choose PICKLED fillings. it sucks. T_T. though I don’t know how the rice is always so gummy and sweet. take the one with raw fish in it. I loved the raw Tuna one. it’s wrapped in paper. white paper. not like the one above, which is transparent.


#5. SOBA. (the one on top is tsukemen)

since I went on Winter, I had this with HOT dipping sauce. YUMMEH. if you’re there on a hot summer day, have Zaru Soba! the one with cold dipping sauce. always a favourite! and it really tastes more authentic in Japan. oh well.


I won’t include these on MUST EAT. but I have to say, they are incredulous.

there, you’re buying a WOODEN BENTO BOX. costs a lot. but well, worth a try?


and MORE. they are all packaged so well. I’ve never thought packed food could be this expensive U_U.


hello, it’s about 20ringgit for one small box. haha. but it DOES look delicious. do not look down on convenience store food/ packed food in Japan. they taste even better than food in proper Japanese restaurants here.


I REALLY WANTED TO TRY IT. but I was feeling a little stingy. RM50 for lunch in a box. and you’d have to find your own place to eat it. not so worth it T_T.


ah! sushis!


#6. CAKES!

confectioneries makes me smile on a tired day. how about you?

but really, cakes in Japan are really not something to be missed out. they are so good. SO SO SO SO SO GOOD.


of course, incredulously expensive as well. but you could always have the.. “cheaper” ones. which are about RM20 for one. that one above is about 30bucks. =S.



did you know, stawberries in Japan are as huge as a fist?! a babies fist. but well, still a fist. they are so huge and juicy and sweet <3. awwwww.



Ichigo means strawberry. don’t ask me what’s daifuku.

and those are really good puddings below.


generally, puddings are packed into small bottles like that. costly. but yummy.



okay, truth is, this is not only found in Japan. but it is so good you must try it.


banana caramel with almonds please! mmm.

as in, really a slice of banana with thick caramel and crushed almonds and ice cream all mixed right in front of you. =3.

and did I mention that customer service in Japan is SPLENDID? they will even sing songs while mixing your ice cream on the cold stone too!


very satisfied customer.

by the way, all those bento’s and cold stone are actually shops in Shinagawa subway station. the station’s so big, there are so many shops!

IMG_4736 copy


I thought J Co’s were the best doughnuts on earth because it is much better than Krispy Kreme and.. Dunkin Donuts.

not until my friend studying in Japan told me about this phenomenal doughnut store.


the doughnuts were so chewy and tasty you’d go craving for more. best thing is. NOT TOO SWEET. how did they make the doughnuts so chewy really. imagine.. gummy bread. like that. D=. you’d really have to try it. it’s so good. take the ringed chocolate ones(their best seller). absolutely perfect.


#12. Umeishu.

what’s life without alcohol? teehee. good for health yo.

and when it tastes this good. I don’t mind drinking a bit more.


#13. finding soft chicken’s soft bones ain’t going to be easy for a tourist. but what I meant by putting on this picture is. the fried chicken in Japan. I hate fried food, to be honest. but I’d always break my barrier when it comes to JAPANESE fried food. it ain’t really oily. and you’d not feel sinful for eating it. =D.



I know, eating Italian food in Japan is such a weird thing.

but to my surprise, it ain’t really expensive. in contrast, it’s pretty cheap! 390yen (RM15) for their recommended pasta. now ain’t that cheap! even cheaper than those in Malaysia!


AND believe it or not. but these are the most delicious pasta’s I’ve ever had. the recommended one(top) is especially good.


now here’s RM40 worth of cakes. haha.


I finished them all myself. initially I thought one is for my mom but my mom was too full. heck they are so good and EXPENSIVE. I ate them all by myself =D.

five stars!!


#15. Harajuku Crepes.

you just have to try what japanese girls crazes for. ain’t something I’ll crave for but still not bad. mine had ice cream and pudding… or was it cheesecake in it. very creamy and sweet. I felt so sinful T_T.

four stars. haha.



if you had never eaten Yoshinoya’s beef bowls before (they previously had a branch in Midvalley. but it closed down =(..) then go have it. if you had it already. here’s something new.


KIMCHI SOUP BEEF BOWL!! so yummy. I had it EVERYDAY for breakfast. EVERYDAY. I had this as supper when I went to Tsukiji Market for breakfast.

Yoshinoya’s 24 hours.


#17. Asakusa’s STREET FOOD! <3.

so yummy, I did’t know what it was. I am still wondering what that chewy soy sauce flavoured sticky stick was. anyway, just have it. =D.

#18. SNACKS. please click here for my snacks post. =D.

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Jesse Lau
12 years ago

Mister Donut has a branch in the new Jusco in 1Utama =D

11 years ago

I must say those cakes looks lip smacking delicious =))

11 years ago

Money well spent =) cakes and desserts xD I always wanted to go to Jpn