if you only had a choice of 1 theme park to go in Tokyo. I’d strongly recommend DisneySea. not that Disneyland isn’t nice. but it’s more for the kids….? while DisneySea is for the bigger kids.

IMG_6096 copy

they always have a globe! but believe me this same scene is breath taking at night. and those fairytale building behind? well, you’d think that you are lost somewhere in Europe!


see what I mean? DisneySea is MUCH MORE BEAUTIFUL compared to Disneyland I must say. I’d give 1000 points for their detailed decoration. every single part of it is carefully crafted! and instead of being all cutesy, futuristic and perfect, they are perfectly imperfect.


what a sight <3. you don’t need to travel all the way to Europe to do your wedding photoshoot when you have DisneySea!


I told my sister I sometimes see myself as Shrek and she said “I didn’t know you think of yourself like a monster” hahahaa. but the truth is, I think I smile like Shrek sometimes.

my imagination is always beyond reality haha.

IMG_6119 copy

super cute Japanese girls! the entry ticket for DisneySea is like RM200 and they go there even after school. this is the difference in our living standard tsk tsk.

and ALLL young Japs buys headbands. if not, then they are VERY FASHIONABLE.

I could sit by the bench in Tokyo all day just looking at how the people there dress. ALL DAY!


the FAMOUS DisneySea bear. every Japanese has it. I think. I saw countless people clutching onto one of these as they walk. I wanted to buy one so bad but my mom insist that she’ll tapau(package) it and put it in the store if I buy it. she hate having to wash soft toys. PFFT.

she boxed allllll my soft toys. except my angry bird. hmm? when I go overseas myself I’ll stuff my bed with soft toys hmph.


instead she kept asking me to buy these many many many choices of headbands! NOOOO. =S. it’s so weird walking alone with your mom.. in a headband. =S. like damn syok sendiri. (how do you even translate syok sendiri? errrr… the fun you’re having only to yourself? Malay rocks. they have such cute expressions.)


I look like a cat. pfft.

the band my mom wanted me to buy T_______T. no I ain’t spending RM50 for syok sendiri and I’ll probably only wear it once in my life pfft.


MICKEY’S EATING ME! nahh it’s a hat haha. super cute can?

IMG_6201 copy

once we arrived at the shore? we saw Sailor Mickey and Minnie dancing and is crowded by tonnes of people. really, every adult seemed to have turned into a kid there.


ahhh…. so beautiful. and that volcano actually have smokes coming outta it! SO REAL.


the other view. =D.

that’s the shore behind!


like.. my only picture with my mom in DisneySea. you know, it’s so difficult to travel with only two people when it comes to taking pictures. but lucky for us those kind Japs working there offered to help us take a picture!


that tower behind me? that’s the famous TOWER OF TERROR. the queue to that mad ride is always 4 hours long. so we gave it a pass but I heard it’s the “scariest” ride there. but really, it doesn’t look too scary to me. =S. I’m not a fan (AT ALL!!!) towards Disney’s rides. lack of thrill IMO.

IMG_6275 copy

oh did I tell you Japan has A LOT OF PRETTY GIRLS? heheheh. it’s true. although I am not sure how they might look without make up. but with make up on? they look fabulous. and they tend to buy a lot of things. Disney’s shops are super overpriced. (well partly worth it because it is TOP quality) but they tend to fill the counter up like as if there’s a big sale!

mind you I went on a Thursday and a non public holiday. so this should be the NORMAL usual crowd.


more fashionistas!


carrying a backpack around hurts my shoulders =(. actually it’s quite a bad idea to go to DisneySea on a winter day. it’s REALLY REALLY REALLY COLD at night. I shivered until I almost died from cold. so, wear more clothes if you’re traveling on winter. the wind by the coastal area is BLOODY STRONG.

IMG_6346 copy

my favourite picture from my whole trip. it’s taken with a 55mm f1.4. but it’s really inconvenient when it’s really packed at many parts of Tokyo. then there comes the drizzles and all… only used it to take less than 10 shots T__________T. and none of it has me in it because my mom is too impatient with it pfft.


tower of TERROR!! we wanted to head towards it but we ended up…


here. like some castle owned by some evil military king with magic powers centuries ago.



but to my disappointment, that game near this place is only for people who could read Japanese. =(. and it looked quite fun. wuwuuwu. like a maze with mysteries to solve or something.


the environment is really really real. bubbles coming out from the sea, smokes here and there. really.. WOW!



so we headed for the underwater marine ride!

IMG_6396 copy

another picture that I like. it shucks when your mom doesn’t know how to use the DSLR.


my picture turns out like this pfft.


I LOVE JAPANESE PEOPLE. they are so fun. nothing close to shy. this group of wizzards caught me taking a picture of them and they later waved at me and after a while, we saw them again and they waved again! such friendly people! (good looking toooooo *droolz*)


they pay attention to EVERY DETAIL. making sure everything is perfect.


these are the DECORATIONS while queueing for the ride can you believe it?

IMG_6401 copy

and there are a lot. but let me tell you what..

I queued for 1 hours. it ALWAYS SEEM like you’re near but then every sharp angle HIDES the long queue. they hid like 4-5 times until we FINALLY saw the entry to those rides.


I was really excited to see what’s in the sea! and guess what…………….

it was a HUGE DISAPPOINTMENT. I felt like I’ve been cheated my precious 1 hour of my life. to experience an ARTIFICIAL “UNDERWATER” EXPERIENCE. where they made it look like it’s under water by emitting water with bubbles through our glass.

there was another ride which was highly recommended.. where we queued for TWO hours. stupid sharp angles again. but lucky thing is that there are water stations every 30minutes of queue.

and it’s such a shame to know that the shortcut way can ONLY BE USED before.. 2pm? what I mean by shortcut is the express lane. where you slide in your ticket to a booth and go for the ride after perhaps 2-3hours.




how would you like to sit behind bars? =P. just hop onto any vehicle to see the whole New York Town ahahah.

IMG_6466 copy

the old school Mickeys.



FINALLY ARRIVED AT MY DESTINATION! THE TOWER OF TERROR. the hugest disappointment was because my mom didn’t want to queue for another 4 hours with me for this ride. =(. wuwuwuuwwuwu. but it was the right choice. don’t think it’s worth the time.


the bulletin board outside. they make things so real!


beautiful ain’t it?


the superstar being crowded among at least 50 people there. MADDD.


so I went to Mr. Pluto instead =P.



IMG_6406 copy

monument of I don’t know who. =X.


he ain’t.. the rat from ratatouille right…?

I am quite a Disney fail.. I’ve never watched his cartoon. tsk tsk T_T. but I’ve watched Mickey’s shows ALL MY LIFE! my parents still keep those traditional huge old vinyl record discs of Mickey’s cartoon!

IMG_6472 copy

restaurants there are all overpriced T_____T. but tastes damn good. we spent like RM600-RM700 just on transport, entry and food!


here, a sneak peak of the price range of food there. but luckily we were smart. we ate our LUNCH at like 11am. I had my most infilling dinner there and it still costs a bomb T_T. but yeah, really good. (by the way, I eat a lot. so it’ll get skinny girls full easily really!)


teehee =P.


I’m a stalker for fashionistas! and IMO, this picture is so good it can be in magazines. yes? =P.


visiting DisneySea only for the sake of photography is very worth it really.


and off we go to Venice! *waves at them*


and took pictures with Cosplayers! my mom is so mean. she ask me why don’t cosplayers put on the same amount of make up n their face like on their body.

I took 1000+ pictures in DisneySea. so I’ll split it to two parts. =P. there are still 500 pictures for me to sort out from!

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cahya indah
12 years ago

Those buildings are awesome..will go there someday.

12 years ago

nice blog! what’s RM?

9 years ago

Ur pink jacket so cute! Where did u buy it? 😀