while on the plane, we met a fellow Malaysian who recommended us to go to the countryside to have a look at the amazing temples. wasn’t sure but we were told that there were dozens of them at that whole area. and the Japanese lady who was working in Kamakura told us that even 2 days would be merely enough to enjoy all the beautiful temples and shrines in Kamakura.

IMG_4974 copy

890yen for a one way ticket to Kita-Kamakura from Shinagawa Station. that’s like 34ringgit holy cow!

Japanese transportation is madness. but Kamakura is definitely worth it. mark my words. especially on spring or autumn.

PS : if you are very tired/it is raining and you only want to go one stop ahead, it’d be around RM5 too. =(. that’s what happened to me in Yokohama pfft. tired and wet. sounds wrong hmm.


it takes about an hour+. the winter view of Japan is spectacular but at the same time, gloomy.


we decided to stop at Kita-Kamakura, where the famous (and huge) Engaku-ji Temple is.

my first glance at the area already left me speechless on words. it’s really beautiful. I have never been to anywhere similar. U__U.


even the residences there are so breath taking. and heck, it wasn’t even spring yet!

was told that this place is filled with people in spring and autumn. but no harm to visit in winter too. why? because the place is not crowded. at all. mostly locals.


tired from sitting on the train for more than an hour T_T.



I’ve always wanted to see one of these things live. I’m weird okay.

these train crossings look so amazing. I always wonder why there isn’t any in Malaysia, at least it’ll save cost for the over head bridge. pfft.


what’s great about travelling with your mom?

she’ll get every stranger to take a picture with her beloved daughter. and look! cute Japanese girls! =D. they are really very nice!


it was freezing I tell you.

and they weren’t even wearing any leggings. GOODNESS. Sherlyn said “Japanese girls? oi leng mm oi meng.” it means, they can die for looks. haha.


AHH PRETTY!! this is another reason why they should make railway crossings here.

can you see where it ends? <3. just like a drawing teehee. I used to illustrate my “essays” in school. because I had so much free time. and I ended up getting screwed by my teacher T_T.


beautiful place!!


beautiful flower!!


beautiful woman!!

we looked really matching. don’t we? =3.

IMG_5041 copy

beautiful ferns!! errr. ferns? yes? no?



here we are! get out from the train and just walk straight, the road along the railway track.


the map for Engaku-ji. ISN’T IT MAD. IT’S SO HUGE.

we spent at least 2 hours inside. it was so pretty, and there was so much to see!


now, imagine those bald tress with pink flowers on it.

so pretty right! I saw the picture of this place taken during spring on that fellow Malaysian’s iphone. OH MY. that is why I wanted to come to this place.


=). okay lah sorry for blocking your view T_T.


here it is! this place is restricted. but looking from afar is good enough.

many parts of the temple is restricted too. well, it’s a temple. not a museum. D=.


and zoomed in! <3.


monks performing their prayers inside the wooden house! *pure tourist standing there!*


I was sad that I didn’t get to go during the Sakura season as my college had started at that time. but it wasn’t so bad, because I saw these white Sakura’s there!



so pretty <3. many elderly Japanese people sat there drawing the beautiful scenery too! awesome ain’t it?!


another restricted area. but beautiful er.. gate.


this should be the best part of the temple. with the lake on the left. ahhhh. phenomenal.  it’s much more breath taking in reality. it’s something even pictures can’t explain. you’d have to breath in to the fresh, clean air and chill with the cold weather to understand. <3.


write your wish on the wooden plate, and hang it there!


can you people who understands mandarin read these? D=.


a mini shrine. I think.


the famous building!


another beautiful scene <3.






a random building there. there are so many, I couldn’t fit everything into a post. T_T.


again, imagine if all the bald trees had colourful leafs and flowers on it!!


a monk.


<3. for one moment I hope I could grow old there. confirm long live. ( if you don’t know yet, I am the type who loveeee living in the city, rather than on an island >_>”)


if it wasn’t winter, I won’t be getting such a good view. I’d be stuck in the middle of the crowd. but it was sad on the day I went. perhaps you couldn’t see it. but it was drizzling. everytime I took a picture, I actually ran to the spot and leave my umbrella beside my mom. T_T.  and thus my pictures weren’t so clear too pfft.

20110301134138 copy

picture from my HTC Desire HD. Pudding Camera app.

20110301155051 copy

and then the rain got heavier and heavier. but we still proceeded to another temple! more to come!


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12 years ago

wow, japan looks surreal. how come my place doesn’t look like that? now i feel as if it’s too plain and dirty where i live. (T-T)

it seems so serene there, like you’re in a different world, like you’re one with nature.
are you sure you didn’t step into a blackhole and entered a different dimension, or something like that? haha. 🙂

Hsin Ni
Hsin Ni
12 years ago

Very nice! Enjoy reading your posts…