Jjim Dalg 찜닭 and 100%

only found in the last 10-20 years, Andong Jjimdalg is a very famous Korean Dish. I myself, am a big fan of this dish but I do not always eat this dish because it is not cheap U_U.

IMG_9261 copy

normally cooked with chewy glass noodles and mixed vegetables, this dish can be topped with the famous korean fried rice, which can be cooked with the sauce of basically any leftovers. eg : ddeokbokki sauce too! Continue reading “Jjim Dalg 찜닭 and 100%”

[Seoul: Edae] make your own cake!

the good thing about living in Korea is that there are 101 types of different activities for lovers. well, not only lovers can do these sort of stuff sometimes. we were the only ones who were not preparing the cake for our lovers. but we still had loads of fun!


every stick costs 700won. expensive. yes I know. 2 Marshmallow costs 1000won. 2 puny Marshmallows. hah. I can buy a whole bag of it from Olive Young or Watsons with that price. well if you are a cheapskate like me you can always leave a space on the cake and buy your marshmallows and decorations later =P. Continue reading “[Seoul: Edae] make your own cake!”

SBS Inkigayo! SBS 인기가요!


I was lucky enough to get my tickets for Inkigayo (famous for being super difficult to get. but because this time they give priority to tourists that’s why I got it.) thanks to KTO (Korea Tourism Organization). lucky I applied from 2 different sites at least I got one U_U. it starts at 3something but I was there since 1pm. and to my surprise, I live only 10 minutes away from the CJ Entertainment and SBS building by bus.

IMG_9387 copy

they are really systematic. you gotta even line up according to your ticket number. Continue reading “SBS Inkigayo! SBS 인기가요!”

PSY’s FREE Concert

although I am a little late, I would still like to tell you about my experience.

it was held in City Hall on early October filled with what I heard 700,000people. I just wanted to be a part of this historical day, so I went even though late. at 9pm. it was as expected, super packed. and I was hamburgered all the way there until I finally settled a spot maybe 150meters away from the stage.

picture by chosun

picture by Chosun Ilbo

the place I was standing was near that screen on the left side of the picture. it’s madness. Continue reading “PSY’s FREE Concert”

Happy Pepero Day! 11.11~

on each 11th of November (11), IT’S PEPERO DAY!!! only because 11.11 looks like Pepero.

an ultimately successful marketing scam.


got this Pepero off the streets with an amulet stuck in front saying that I will get a partner this Pepero day (which did not come true). but I am lucky as I’ve gotten a few Pepero from my friends ^_^ at least I don’t feel so lonely =3. Continue reading “Happy Pepero Day! 11.11~”

Oppa Sinchon Style!

thought it’s nice to share this video with you guys. I laughed throughout the whole vid. because these places are all very familiar places to me, it’s all shot in Sinchon and inside the Yonsei Campus lol. the bar included inside is Bar Fly. awkward moment when I noticed that they actually filmed so parts in the Library where I won’t even dare talk louder haha. but of course part of the INSIDE the study room shots were shot at the not so popular study rooms, the more popular study rooms are.. always filled and if you whisper to your friend even you’d get scolded haha.

don’t know who are they but, GOOD JOB! Continue reading “Oppa Sinchon Style!”

[Seoul: Hongdae] Luxury Su

was never too much of a fan of Karaoke’s. until I met Noraebang. Noraebang means “song room” in direct translation. you got it right, Norae means song and Bang means room! there are a lot of “rooms” here. like PCbang, Multibang (where you play nintendo wii to watching your favourite movies. heard they sanitize the “seats” there because underage kids go to a multibang as they can’t get a “room”. hahah. so if a guy wants to bring you to a multibang ONE ON ONE, think twice.), Jjimjilbang… and any other bangs these Koreans can think of. Continue reading “[Seoul: Hongdae] Luxury Su”

BoA’s Only One filming location @ aA The Design Museum, Hongdae

aA The Design Museum @ Hongdae. I can’t really recommend you where to go because MOST of the Cafe’s in Hongdae are pretty and are priced at the same range and have yummy drinks all in all. but it’s right at the end of the Hongdae Road near that SangSangMadang area crossing the famous Ddeokbokki shop and turn left then right.

IMG_1767 copy

this place is HUGE. like HUGE. very spacious. there are 2 types of cafes. one are the huge ones like this one. another type are the small cozy little ones which I can assure you that they’re real good places to hang out at as well. Continue reading “BoA’s Only One filming location @ aA The Design Museum, Hongdae”

Adults Day!

may 21st is the Adult’s Day in Korea. where people who turn 21 (Korean age) gets flowers, kisses or perfume. I thought I was not going to get any. but dear tplus1 (Malaysian who’s also sort of my neighbour) gave me a rose right before the day ended. *touched*. well, just to inform you that there’s such a day in Korea! =D.


prettily wrapped. gosh how I wish I could preserve it. D=.