thought it’s nice to share this video with you guys. I laughed throughout the whole vid. because these places are all very familiar places to me, it’s all shot in Sinchon and inside the Yonsei Campus lol. the bar included inside is Bar Fly. awkward moment when I noticed that they actually filmed so parts in the Library where I won’t even dare talk louder haha. but of course part of the INSIDE the study room shots were shot at the not so popular study rooms, the more popular study rooms are.. always filled and if you whisper to your friend even you’d get scolded haha.

don’t know who are they but, GOOD JOB!

PS : PSY (it’s actually a shortcut for Psycho) graduated from Yonsei as well. hahahahaha.

and this is Hongdae Style. haha. kinda better than the Sinchon version but it is not the place I live so mehh. but, watch because the guy is hot =3. there are other parody’s like Daegu Style and all. but out of all I like the one below the best. by my FAVOURITE David So! once I thought I heard a guy speaking in English who sounds like David So, Korean American and looks like David from the side. I followed him from Uplex to Concierge (something like an apple store) and saw his face but it wasn’t him wth. *embarrassing moment of my life*

OPPAN PYUNTAE STYLE! Pyuntae/Byuntae = pervert. haha. it’s in English and it’s sang by David So himself! haha. love the Gochu part. Gochu = chilli. I know you get why he label the censored part as gochu… hehehe. I am a big fan of David by the way. have been trying to influence my friends to watch ALL his videos haha. and I felt his is the most well recorded and well, funniest. plus, the youtuber I have a biggest crush on, Jason Chen (half naked!! *screams* pfft) and the hot Arden Cho is in it. other famous youtubers as well (Clara C *in the lift lol* and Joseph Vincent)!

there are several Korean words included in it as well, like…
yeoja – female/woman
omma – mother
geumanhae – stop
gung-dung-i – buttocks
mae-wo – hot in a spicy way
teun teun hae – strong
ddung ddung hae – fat hahaha.
deo-wo – hot as in hot weather
chaja – find
jalja – goodnight
appa -father
jadongcha – car
dak dak hae – hard
nae ga – I
mung cheong hae – stupid/fool
dari – leg
man juk hae – satisfy
oddeokhae – how

okay end of Korean language class pfft.

ANYWAY!!! the Gangnam Style dance/cowboy dance, is actually called the 말춤 (Mal Chum), where Koreans learn them as a kid. hence, all Koreans know how to dance to it. =D.

PSS : there’s actually a deep meaning through PSY’s Gangnam style. read it if you have the time

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Yuen Ling
11 years ago

Wow, this music video is viral ! I’m surprised that Cathy and Jason are part of the videos as well! Thanks for sharing. I had good laugh at it.

11 years ago

haha! all gangnam style now! awesome! 😀