[Malaysia: Soho KL] Apgujeong

so an oppa I knew told me, there’s this Korean restaurant in Soho KL that serves food even better than most restaurants you can find in Seoul.

he wasn’t even kidding.

1391796733259 copy

the owner of the restaurant is actually an award winning chef in Korea. and his Banchan? fabulous. the sausage banchan served here is amazing. and the cockles tooooo nyam nyam. Continue reading “[Malaysia: Soho KL] Apgujeong”

Harian Metro Feature

it is my first ever newspaper feature! I got featured in Juice before I think. but I didn’t know when they were going to publish it and it was not a magazine that’s easy to find everywhere so I do not have a copy of it T_T. but this time at least it is a newspaper easily bought anywhere in Malaysia!


click to enlarge ^^.

I received an email and I was quite thrilled if you’d ask me. I am not as.. active as before but they wanted to feature me T_____T *touched* it isn’t like I am super famous or anything. but I guess this is a great experience and good free publicity =D. more Malaysian readers!!! have I ever mentioned that most of my readers are from Singapore and.. well overseas. haahha,

but yeah, after being in the blogging scene for 5 long years, I finally got myself somewhere!!! (I think ><).

teehee ^^.

facebook imposters.

firstly, I have never understood why people would aim at me. I remembered the times where I really care about people using my pictures. but it seems like now I find it more like a joke. it’s just super funny.

growing up I had tonnes of haters. especially people who do not know me personally. they often said that they just hated how I look. well, I guess my face isn’t very well liked. but yet there are people who like my unfriendly look. a few years ago this girl used my pictures and turned me into a lesbian. I messaged her and she said she would remove my pictures if I send her a naked picture of myself. =___=. well, I was young and naive. I didn’t even know why I would talk to an identity theft. anyways, that isn’t very interesting.


my imposter is WAYYYYYYY more popular than myself.

in Japan! (can guarantee that she’s Japanese because some pictures had that geo tagging thing which revealed that the posts were posted at Tokyo.)

screenshot 1 copy Continue reading “facebook imposters.”

[Seoul: Edae] make your own cake!

the good thing about living in Korea is that there are 101 types of different activities for lovers. well, not only lovers can do these sort of stuff sometimes. we were the only ones who were not preparing the cake for our lovers. but we still had loads of fun!


every stick costs 700won. expensive. yes I know. 2 Marshmallow costs 1000won. 2 puny Marshmallows. hah. I can buy a whole bag of it from Olive Young or Watsons with that price. well if you are a cheapskate like me you can always leave a space on the cake and buy your marshmallows and decorations later =P. Continue reading “[Seoul: Edae] make your own cake!”

SBS Inkigayo! SBS 인기가요!


I was lucky enough to get my tickets for Inkigayo (famous for being super difficult to get. but because this time they give priority to tourists that’s why I got it.) thanks to KTO (Korea Tourism Organization). lucky I applied from 2 different sites at least I got one U_U. it starts at 3something but I was there since 1pm. and to my surprise, I live only 10 minutes away from the CJ Entertainment and SBS building by bus.

IMG_9387 copy

they are really systematic. you gotta even line up according to your ticket number. Continue reading “SBS Inkigayo! SBS 인기가요!”

My Korean Pension Experience.

don’t get it wrong. I don’t mean the monthly income one gets for working for the government.

PENSIONS are very famous in Korea. they are like.. vacation houses people would rent just for a night or two to have fun in. usually very well facilitated. they provide things like shampoo, soap, hair dryer and toothpaste in the washroom and plenty of plates, cutleries, knives, etc. in the kitchen.

but that is not all. they had an awesome floor heating system and as well as a huge flatscreen tv.

IMG_9002 copy

I think it was just because it was US, they even gave us plenty of food, junks and even a soap giftbox! this is called “service” in Korea. which literally means free stuff =3. if you frequent a shop or if the owner or worker like you, they would give you service! Continue reading “My Korean Pension Experience.”

that awkward moment when..

you recognized yourself in the background of a picture a stranger took.

I followed this guy a while ago when he liked my picture as his pictures always had a very nice composition. not too long ago I even commented on one of his pictures saying that I walk pass that area very often.

and just now, I saw a picture of the  Baskin Robbins shop I always go to. and after looking at the picture for a LITTLE BIT LONGER. I saw myself. D=!!!!!!!!!


from my phone. even though so tiny I could recognize myself. especially when I frequent this 3 storey shop a lot. haha.

IMG_8485 copy

remember this picture? taken on the same day lol.


but nevertheless, a very nice picture. but now the cherry blossoms are gone U_U.

*photo by : jjstory.