Cherry Blossom Sights! SKKU, Everland, and Seoul Land

okay, the truth is my Uni isn’t exactly the prettiest place to view Cherry Blossoms. Sungkyunkwan University is basically.. not such a bad sight for cherry blossoms but the best would still be Kyunghee University. which I’ve never been because their European style buildings goes really well with the pretty flowers. but really, I felt that SKKU isn’t all that bad for cherry blossoms ^^.

CIMG8980 copy

gotta start my post with a selca. teehee. Continue reading “Cherry Blossom Sights! SKKU, Everland, and Seoul Land”

August: Food, Bukchon, Food, M.Net.

my title pretty much sums up my whole post for today. since I am having my exams soon so I have not been going out T_T. hence I will need to blog about stuff that are way overdue where I’ve been saving them as fillers anyway. =D. on August, my best friend, Megumi came to visit! I was so glad because we hadn’t met since March when we graduated T_T. she left right after our graduation ceremony le sigh.

IMG_3873 copy

we went for Japanese food after a few rounds of Korean food. the silliest thing is that Megumi insisted on going for Fukuoka food when she’s from Fukuoka! because I love the restaurant and she wanted to have Japanese food with me since we’ve never had it together before. but she said it’s good even for a Fukuokan standard so no regrets haha. Continue reading “August: Food, Bukchon, Food, M.Net.”

Camping in Korea!

camping is actually a very favourable activity among Koreans and to my knowledge, almost every Korean family has a tent. do they even sleep in it? well I am not sure. but they do love building it and sitting by the lakes or in any gardens. there is also this campsite next to Hangang called Nanji Camping Site. I have been to the Nanji camping site but only for the day and those places have almost everything for rent. just bring whatever you want to BBQ and go there. but this time, I went for the REAL DEAL.

went to campsites as far as Hong Cheon (next to Chun Cheon) for it. it was quite a long 3 hours ride but I felt like I was not in Korea. and I’ve got to consider myself lucky since those places are not easily reached by public transport so as a foreigner, these are places which are almost impossible to get to.

20130809092228378 copy

my first time sleeping on a sleeping bag. literally on it because it was super hot. it got a little bit more chilly at night. but it’s still hot. T_T. gracious weather in Korea. bloody weather. Continue reading “Camping in Korea!”

a random day during last autumn. Unhyungung and Samcheongdong.

it was a lovely autumn day and it was the “cultural day” for people of level 5 to visit Unhyungung 운현궁. there were 3 courses where we make tea, wear korean traditional clothes and make cute little hanboks out of paper.

IMG_6684 copy

such a beautiful day, yes? Continue reading “a random day during last autumn. Unhyungung and Samcheongdong.”

My 21st Birthday!

or 22 in Korean age.

finally I can enter Zouk without worrying if they’ll check my IC. oh well, not like I will be able to go to Zouk anytime soon. at least now I can go to the Casino too. basically everywhere in Malaysia. I heard there are bars which only people over age of 30 could enter in Japan and there are clubs in Korea which doesn’t allow people over 30 hahaha.

but seriously, shit I feel so old T______T. I don’t exactly feel like I am 21 yet. I am still such a kiddo. super childish =S.

on my birthday, it’s actually the “chukje/festival” week for my school so nobody was free. like NOBODY. but thank goodness I had Kenji to spend it with =3.

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Jjim Dalg 찜닭 and 100%

only found in the last 10-20 years, Andong Jjimdalg is a very famous Korean Dish. I myself, am a big fan of this dish but I do not always eat this dish because it is not cheap U_U.

IMG_9261 copy

normally cooked with chewy glass noodles and mixed vegetables, this dish can be topped with the famous korean fried rice, which can be cooked with the sauce of basically any leftovers. eg : ddeokbokki sauce too! Continue reading “Jjim Dalg 찜닭 and 100%”

Yonsei’s Winter Sonata II

우리의 우아한 선생님 박연경이에요~ 귀엽고 웃기는 쌤이다. 수업을 잘 가르쳐서 우리도 끄덕끄덕기만 했다. 넘 사랑해서 뭐 해주면 좋을 까? 그래서… 케이크를 해줬다.

IMG_9537 copy

we all love our teacher a lot and we wanted to give her a memorable last day with us. so we gathered and made her a cake (decorating it only, actually.) and she was really touched =3. she went around boasting it to other teachers it was so funny hahaha. Continue reading “Yonsei’s Winter Sonata II”

Farewell Week.

there’s less than 100 hours left. and each day it seems like my heart is pounding even more. it might be normal for some of my friends who have been living abroad without their famiy since they’re young but as for me, I’ve never actually really washed my own clothes with a washing machine. or iron a pile of clothes. eventhough I can cook, it’s not like I need my cooking skills there because I’ll be living in a homestay where food is already nicely prepared and all I have to do is wait for it.


a few days ago I invited some of my closest friends over. nothing too big, just a tiny little dinner for 10. Andy’s (as in AndyKho) not in the picture. still waiting for the pictures from his camera ^^. Continue reading “Farewell Week.”

Nanta and all that!

hello hello! I am such a lazy blogger. I went for this show 5 days ago and I am only posting this up now wuwuuwu not to mention the cookie monster is RIGHT after Nanta. but I am very busy with drama’s so i will leave it for tomorrow because I haven’t receive all the pictures. =D.

this is NANTA! I know you wouldn’t know what it is but here I am to explain. it is a korean(now you know why am I so interested kekeke) musical. they won some most entertaining award back in 1999 @@”. but is still entertaining neways! the tickets aren’t cheap though they are ranged between 70-180. the seats I got is 140 =D! you might think I am very rich now but no! initially I REALLY wanted to buy the tickets but of course I wanted to buy the lousy 70bucks one because I am so poor. but even it is 70 bucks I feel reluctant T_T. and none of my friends wanted to go T_T. SUDDENLY *lightbulb* I got to know that RED.FM are giving away tickets so I waited for them to say “SMS NOW” and I quickly sent in the sms and GUESS WHATTT? I WON MYSELF A PAIR OF TICKETS! Continue reading “Nanta and all that!”