the good thing about living in Korea is that there are 101 types of different activities for lovers. well, not only lovers can do these sort of stuff sometimes. we were the only ones who were not preparing the cake for our lovers. but we still had loads of fun!


every stick costs 700won. expensive. yes I know. 2 Marshmallow costs 1000won. 2 puny Marshmallows. hah. I can buy a whole bag of it from Olive Young or Watsons with that price. well if you are a cheapskate like me you can always leave a space on the cake and buy your marshmallows and decorations later =P.


ready made candies


chocolates, macarons, fresh fruits, Marshmallows, candies, biscuits, sugarballs.. everything.

overpriced but somehow worthy. =S.


very very carefully decorating our cake.


we got the hugest cake for 16,000won. it taste incredulously delicious. no joke. it’s really good. it’s a fruit sponge cake for this one. they have chocolate ones too but we just knew we prefer fruit =3. you are entitled to choose one colour of icing (the employee will do everything for you) and an icing bag (??) with the colour of your choice and also the pattern and size of your choice. but only 1. an additional one will cost 1,000won and extra icing 500won.


halfway through it!


and done! that’s supposed to be our teachers hair.. but oh well. and number 5 because we are level 5 in class number 5. hahaha. as I’ve mentioned in my previous post, my teacher was really really touched.

our cake was pretty ugly so..

there were tonnes of more good looking pretty cakes but I was so busy making my cake until I forgot to snap any pictures. some couple beside us was doing a reindeer which looks absolutely awesome. they had a macaron for the nose hahaha. and leaves as the ears. these Koreans and their creativity. absolutely amazing.

there are cupcakes too for 5,000won each. absolutely unworthy because it’s small and expensive. might as well get a cake. a smaller cake costs 13,000won. so yeah, take your pick! =P.

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8 years ago


It looks so fun, can I have an adresss for this shop.thanks

7 years ago

I did n done for it.. I need additional outskirts for 3-4 days..