aA The Design Museum @ Hongdae. I can’t really recommend you where to go because MOST of the Cafe’s in Hongdae are pretty and are priced at the same range and have yummy drinks all in all. but it’s right at the end of the Hongdae Road near that SangSangMadang area crossing the famous Ddeokbokki shop and turn left then right.

IMG_1767 copy

this place is HUGE. like HUGE. very spacious. there are 2 types of cafes. one are the huge ones like this one. another type are the small cozy little ones which I can assure you that they’re real good places to hang out at as well.

there’s a thing about cafes in Korea that it has turned into a culture where people go to cafes after dinner to have more chats. because nobody actually sits at the dining table for hours just to talk. but the thing that I hate about this culture is… the price of 1 drink can cost as much (or more) than a cheaper dinner not in a place too fancy but decent.

IMG_1768 copy

very very nice interior yes?

IMG_1772 copy

it’s like a huge bungalow turned cafe. Steve brought us here as he said this is his favourite cafe in Hongdae as it is huge and quiet. a lot of room. but since it’s placed at a pretty secluded area.. there aren’t too many people =D.

IMG_1771 copy

pear juice. from literal boiled pear. very fragrant and you can tell they do not include much sugar in it. very natural. 6,000won. you can get Kongbul, a meal with bean sprouts and pork bulgogi for 5,500won. and it is served in a pretty restaurant as well. D=!!!!!!

IMG_1774 copy

Steve who is camera shy. you wouldn’t tell if he’s Korean because he speaks British English so well. well, guess who I have in my blog post today??

IMG_1777 copy

KATE!!! <3. this lovely bunny who’s obsessed with Korea came and even introduced Steve to me haha. she’s so pretty yes?! and cooks well too =D. perfect wife material ey? if you’re Korean, and quite good looking, I’ll introduce you to her. hehe.

IMG_1780 copy

my attempt in camwhoring like the camwhore queen, Kate hehe. but failed. tremendously. need a plastic surgeon. and the dentist.

IMG_1778 copy

the huge windows reminds me of UK. eventhough I have never been there. from movies alright?! my camera hates me, always putting me out of focus. which is why sometimes I have more pictures of a place rather than me because whenever someone takes a picture for me, the success rate is pretty low. U________U.

LATESTNEWS : just found out that  aA the design museum cafe is actually the FILMING LOCATION of BoA’s latest song, Only One! watch her video http://youtu.be/Cu1Qj2AeHCk now I bet you guys wanna visit it =P.


so here’s the map!!!

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8 years ago

when i visit korea, you must bawah me around kk? cos you seem to know the nice places!

Da Feng
8 years ago

perhaps your camwhoring skill is poor.

8 years ago

hahahaha cute map! but i dont understand anything abt it. =.=

8 years ago

just so thought of using camwhore.

personally i think is not nice word to use, although may “evolved” to addicted to taking countless pictures of themselves to post on the internet….but original is

whore=sluts (prostitute)

8 years ago

So cool, I’ll mark that down for my trip. I <3 BoA

8 years ago

Are you a Malaysian? Nice place! I love Boa too!!! I guess this place gonna get crowded slowly, as its popularity gets better…

8 years ago

Thank you. I’m going to see BoA’s concert there in 3 weeks. I’ll try to stop by. Sounds like a nice cafe. Pretty pricy pear juice at 6000 won.

8 years ago

The tickets I think are 88,000 – 99,000 KRW. But the Global Package total for me was $728 USD. Includes hotel, transportation, and some activity. If I wind up with an extra ticket I can take you. haha.

I’ll drink it very very slow! ^^