on each 11th of November (11), IT’S PEPERO DAY!!! only because 11.11 looks like Pepero.

an ultimately successful marketing scam.


got this Pepero off the streets with an amulet stuck in front saying that I will get a partner this Pepero day (which did not come true). but I am lucky as I’ve gotten a few Pepero from my friends ^_^ at least I don’t feel so lonely =3.


spending all night in a cute cafe with my classmate, Megumi! <3

IMG_6675 copy

holy look at the number of Pepero’s. but I am not such a big fan of Pepero after I’ve discovered the wonderfulness of Loacker.

IMG_6676 copy

those below costs up to RM90 for one! *faints*. better than buying RM100 flowers in Malaysia which don’t even look good =(.

IMG_6677 copy

the amount of Pepero! I like the strawberry ones. which ain’t here U_U.

IMG_6678 copy

and hugeass pepero. always wanted to try this but it’s so expensive PFFT.

anyway, if you wanna be as Korean, you can start by buying boxes of Pepero and randomly give them to your friends ^^. it’s worth it when you see a smile on their face. this is why the marketing scam totally worked. pfft.


the Pepero sticks I’ve received! =3.


every single convenient shop have their front decorated with hundreds (or thousands) of Pepero/other chocs. MMMMMMM.

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11 years ago

fererro rocher nicer lor

9 years ago

Hi Jamie,

We are trying to bring the Pepero day to Malaysia. Still brainstorming and bump into your lovely blog. Any suggestions from your side? you can have a look at our beautiful flowers at http://www.bloom2u.com May be you can blog about us if you like. As a token of complimentary, we can send a beautiful bouquet to you mum – I am sure she deserve it! 🙂 – (Feel free to edit it before published if you want to) Thanks!

Kind regards,