looking for an exquisite restaurant this CNY? I recommend CWZJ.

growing up with CWZJ (or in other words, The House of Tea Kings), the one restaurant that has transformed from a shabbily built roadside restaurant to one of the finest Chinese cuisine in KL.

the owner had lived in China and often travel around to find inspiration on creating a unique yet traditional dish which brings out the true flavour of Chinese food.

today, known by a lot of elites, CWZJ offers food that always satisfies their customers.

IMG_1176 copy

the interior of CWZJ. Continue reading “looking for an exquisite restaurant this CNY? I recommend CWZJ.”

[Malaysia: Klang] one of the BEST BAKUTEH in Klang!

I really have no idea which is the correct spelling.

bak kut teh?



whatever it is, IT’S STILL DELICIOUS. for a Cheras girl like me, travelling all the way down Klang IS A HASSLE. so to you other people who seldom make it to Klang, let me introduce you (my uncle said it’s one of the best and judging by how crowded it is I guess he’s right!) one of the most delicious Bakuteh in Klang.

IMG_4886 copy

the shop’s name is Restoran Kee Heong. [map at the end of the post] Continue reading “[Malaysia: Klang] one of the BEST BAKUTEH in Klang!”

[Malaysia: Johor] JOHOR BAHRU!

just last Friday, Nigel dragged me down to Johor Bahru (because he said I have NO LIFE.), the border line of Singapore. (so tempted to visit Singapore T_T). The best thing was, he only took 3 hours to reach. =D! highway is the best. especially with NO JAM at all. I had fun looking at all those cheap chocolates at Zone. =D. I envy all JB people because they can get a supply of cheap chocolates pfft.

Nigel and Michelle. Continue reading “[Malaysia: Johor] JOHOR BAHRU!”

[Malaysia: KL] under the tree wild boar curry

you know times square? outside. imagine you’re times square facing the road. the small road on your right will be your path. just follow it. it’s right opposite Shaw Parade. it’s an open air atap, I wouldn’t say that the place is clean, but its satisfaction hundred percent on the taste of the food.

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[Malaysia: KL] Wong Si Nai & Eiffel

Wong Si Nai @ Pudu. right opposite the Pudu LRT Station. =D. a cozy place suitable for people whom are still in secondary school/college. yummy budget place =P. and oh, you can see scribbles and papers all over the walls. you can do that too if you want! =D.

Yee Jin recommended me this place actually. and that is his favourite thai styled chicken rice. I won’t know Pudu would actually have food if it wasn’t for him anyway. =D.  it isn’t exactly near me you see. but I LOVE those drinks. Continue reading “[Malaysia: KL] Wong Si Nai & Eiffel”

[Malaysia: KL] CWZJ part II

food is one of the biggest reason why I want to live, is it to you too?

CWZJ board

YUM! I’m not saying this because my cousin owns it, it is because it is really good thats why I’m telling you about it. =D. Cha Wang Zi Jia (or something like that) is a place where those who loves tea used to hang out a decade ago. but in this 10 years, it have changed from an small little restaurant that is built out of aluminum pieces to a cozy and pretty restaurant now in Kuchai Lama. =D. I basically grew up always eating here. there are soooo many nice dishes that they invent and now there are new ones, it’s not like one original recipe and you can eat it everywhere, like maybe asam laksa which either taste good or bad but it’s still asam laksa, but these are a new stuffs! but of course, theres always sashimi! <3 Continue reading “[Malaysia: KL] CWZJ part II”