just last Friday, Nigel dragged me down to Johor Bahru (because he said I have NO LIFE.), the border line of Singapore. (so tempted to visit Singapore T_T). The best thing was, he only took 3 hours to reach. =D! highway is the best. especially with NO JAM at all. I had fun looking at all those cheap chocolates at Zone. =D. I envy all JB people because they can get a supply of cheap chocolates pfft.

Nigel and Michelle.

I had class in the morning and I went to JB all the way without sleeping or dozing off. at 1am I felt like a zombie already. T_T. and thank goodness the hotel was just next to the place this event was held.

event : this is FREEDOM! okay, this is the first time I am in a club playing techno trance music. it’s very much for people who came without friends to enjoy themselves too. you don’t need a partner to dance to the music. =D.  I did not dance (because I don’t know how to lah!), but it was entertaining to see Chris do it while I enjoy my free flow of drinks. =P. but Chris hates the camera so no pictures of him T_T.

okay anyway that is not really my main point of getting to JB because I have a VERY BERRY GLUTTONOUS MIND. ngek ngek ngek! totally got fat because of this trip. CONFIRM.

so lets talk about breakfast. I woke up and I was crazily hungry so I ate the hotel’s orange. half of it. and I got hungrier because the orange is so sour and so we head to a Hakka restaurant. (say, the turning in to right leads you to Mutiara hotel, turn left to reach to this shop. you’d definitely spot the BIG HAKKA word.)

the Yong Tau Foo which is really good. I love the soup that comes with it. and the REAL NICE YTF CHILLI. =D.

AND THIS ONE. highly recommended! =D. it’s one of the most special hakka dish I’ve ever had. and it is my first time having it too despite being a full hakka and always travelling to hakka villages in China.

THIS is the hakka village of Fujian. it’s 3-4 hours drive from my home in China. (can reach Penang ok! or Singapore!)  very beautiful place. but, very boring too no doubt. unless you like these type of go-to-relax-your-heart-mind-and-soul kind of trip because at night (6-7pm) the sky will be completely dark. you won’t get to see a thing when you look out of your window. I prefer those with loads of shops and malls! (exp : HK! BANGKOK! GUANGZHOU!)

but I have to say, village food is really good. really really good.

chewy yam balls I call it. and this originated from those round round earth houses too. BLOODY GOOD. maybe I taste my ancestor’s love or something that is why it is so nice tsk tsk. <3.

okay that is all for breakfast. LETS LOOK AT LUNCH!

MUAR OTAK-OTAK and SATAY! eventhough the satay in Kajang is the best, but the ones in Muar/Malacca is really different.

this is in Muar’s Glutton street. a street named after me HAHA okay just joking.

okay, the BIGGEST difference is the HALAL or not difference. this is PORK! =P. and the next difference is the sauce. some places, they mix pineapple to their sauce! but this one I had in Muar didn’t I think? but it still tasted really good. perhaps it is because it’s pork hehehe. I am a big fan of pork! =X.

and Muar otak-otak. MUCH BETTER than the ones in KL lor. it’s soft and there are a generous amount of fish in it. <3.

TADA! the special part! Muar satay serves satay without onion but instead, with PINEAPPLES!

and my cacat smile. sigh.

AND THE GENEROUS HOR JIAN (fried oyster) UNCLE! the best of the best! really, I’ve never had such good Hor Jian before. and I told him to add the amount of chilli. which makes it even better hehehe xD.

unlike KL, it is cooked in a super big wok and it’s very watery when he first cook it. and can you see the SIZE o the Hor Jian?! like, half the size of those big oyster we eat at some english restaurant! compared to the peanut sized ones in KL, this is SUPER BIG.

Nigel. he didn’t want to take pictures one, so the only way is to hold the camera and point it towards him only. you don’t need to ask because his answer will be NO if you do.

will save dinner for the next post hehehe. truly an amazing day, with all those food! <3.

PS : HAPPY WESAK DAY! I remember last time about standard 4? that was when I learned what wesak day was. I matched the day wrongly with the race that celebrates it. I match it with.. INDIA. super paiseh when the teacher told everyone “you ah, chinese also don’t know wesak day!” wuwuwuwuwu T_T.

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12 years ago

wooha that hor jian does look very enticing ;D hmm Muar glutton street. Now I have it on my must try list. Thanks ;D