CWZJ cuisine

November – January’s main dish : Hairy Crab

aka dai zhap hai

it is originated from China around shanghai as I know, it’s only found around the end of the year, so quick quick go grab it!

hairy crabs

very shiny crabs, there are tools too! but you can just finish it by hand.

Directions to RIP the crab :
1, pull out the large wide shell from the butt.
2, you’ll see some gooey white stuff in the middle for male crabs and some redish orange stuff in the middle for female crabs, scoop it out and eat it! it’s DELICIOUS.
3, turn the other way round and take off the middle part and break it in half
4, I think I don’t need to explain the other basics right?

hairy crab

The reason it’s called Hairy Crab is because it is really hairy!

Jamie in CWZJ

hairy crab sauce

you’ll find this sauce in CWZJ, it’s vinegar especially for Hairy Crab, imported from China, I don’t think other places sell it too. The tools are on the right side. They’ll teach you how to use it when you request =)

It’s always good to have some “fa tiew wine” after having hairy crabs, not only that but ginger tea too.

Crab noodles

Some crab noodles will fill you full =).

volcano teapots

Teapots from China made from lava.

Lai Liu Ha

Lai liu ha translated is, peeing prawn? HAHA.


Really rare eel, it’s expensive. How could they eat something so beautiful right? =P.


Geoducks. Don’t it look like elephant trunks?

alaska king crab

Alaska’s King Crab! it’s larger than my head!

CWZJ name card

for more info, please call.

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